Saturday, March 12, 2005

One More Story About Todd

This is based on a true story. When I first met Todd, we had a long fling that evolved into a boy-boy relationship which lasted almost two years and half. when I first met Todd, I was a junior at VSDB in the spring semester.

Of course, living in Shenandoah Valley is not something you can boast your love for Todd in front of folks. That is suicidal thing to do. However, we managed to learn how to lie and protect our relationship from anyone else, really.

During my senior year at VSDB in the spring semester, VSDB and Waynesboro High (Where Todd attended) had an annual field trip that exchanged the students for a day -- their students wanted to observe how we communicated, our students were curious about the hearing students in a local high school. Of course, I was part of this because I wanted to spend the day with Todd at WHS, and Todd did the same when they came to VSDB. It was not a case of puppy love, it was genuine love ... I hope.

However, during one period at Waynesboro High, I walked into a classroom with Todd and I noticed the local city police officer standing with the teacher. I turned to see lots of hearing students howling and all that. Todd was fluent in ASL, "The cop is here to talk about safety stuff in the class, c'mere sit with me over there."

I nodded and followed him to his desk and observed the students listening as the teacher introduced the police officer. After 30 minutes of lecture, there was the FAQ open to the students. One female student asked the cop to share his odd experiences with the students about being a cop.

I did not pay attention until I felt an eruption of laughters from the students as they cheered and whooed at the cop. Even the teacher grimaced and smiled. Todd choked and laughed. I was curious, of course. I immediately asked Todd about it.

Todd said, "The cop said that his strange experience as a cop was catching a couple having sex in the car right behind this building, he thought they were smoking marijuana but no it was two teenagers having sex. He scolded them and sent them home."

I said, "That's all? And the students guffawed on that?"

Todd shook his head and said, "No, actually, he added that it was a girl and a boy, but he threw in that if it was homo, he'd arrest them fo indecent exposure. He added about homo thing."

My curiosity turned into a growl. That was not nice thing to do. I glared at Todd, "That was not right thing to do. If he caught them having sex, arrest 'em! Be it gay or not, arrest 'em!"

Todd shrugged -- I slapped my hand on the desk which vibrated loud enough for Todd to look at me, "Tell him!"

Todd refused. Then I looked at the cop who thought it was so funny, he seemed to enjoy the attention by putting the gay people down.

When the bell rings, the students flocked out of the classroom, the cop and the teacher stood by the door to handshake each student -- the cop did shook every student until me ...

When he extended his hand to me, I looked at his hand then slowly at his face. I stared at him with dead eyes. Then gave him the look that indicated, "Who wants to handshake you?!" Then I walked out of the classroom.

Later, Todd said, "That was not nice thing to do."

I shrugged and proceeded to the gymnasium for his next period.

Today, I think I did the right thing.


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