Wednesday, March 16, 2005

American Idol

I do not give a fuck about American Idol. They are not about talents. They are about music. They are about people who barks the vowels out of their mouths.

I'm sick of seeing Ryan Seacrest talking about how talented they are. But the problem is ... that is all they can do. Bark with their voices. To have a talent, I expect more -- I expect something other than the music out of their voices.

When Mario Vazquez decided to leave, people were going insane. I'm like, "Who cares?"

I think American Idol is overrated. It is only music. That is not a talent. If you can write, produce, act, play and do stuff with creativity -- now, that is a talent. These guys that competed -- they are just guys who barked.

Overrated. Ryan Seacrest should go back to XL. I probably will see Mario at The Cock eventually.

Again, again and again -- American Idol is not about one's talents. It is only about music. Who cares about music, really?

Jesus Christ.


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