Sunday, March 13, 2005

Boston Legal With A Twist

Just watched Boston Legal for 40 minutes before I was distracted with the cats' melodramatic (it turned out that someone was at the door) behavior. Since I lacked the doorbell flash, the cats became the reliable source for me to figure out what's going on -- if Tom, Perlis' cat, zoomed into the closet, it means someone is at the door! If Woody, Lenny's cat, zoomed under my bed, it means Lenny is home. But this time, someone knocked so hard that both cats zoomed into the closet -- both does not like to touch each other so they bounced into each other and ended up tussled with each other.

After dealing with a neighbor upstairs, I ran back only to see the closing credits. I missed the ending part. Anyone else?

Boston Legal had a story that knocked around on FOX NEWS, but they never mentioned it. What happened is that a student at a public high school decided to sue the principal for using the gizmo technology that prevented the school from receiving the news transmission from all channels except for one conservative news channel.

It had to be FOX NEWS. But of course, it never mentioned at all. But the brilliant part of the story is that they brought the principal to take the stand in the court. That Principal is the same guy that used to act as the Principal of high school in FOX's Boston Public which folded few years ago!

Basically, the story was aiming at FOX NEWS but in a discrete manner. Let's see if the FOX can come up with the slam on ABC someday.

Too bad, I missed the ending part. Oy vey.


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