Thursday, March 24, 2005

Texans Are The Losers

Creationism vs. Evolution: This proved why I think Texas is stupid, overrated and incapable of running a nation of its own.

Another Stupid Texas: You heard about the refinery explosion in Texas City, killed 14 and injured 100 people. This is the same refinery that was fined by OSHA in the past.

Religious Nuts Prevalent In Texas: My sister who lives in Dallas recently IMmed me to ask me if it is true that Irish folks killed lots of Baptists? I was baffled and said that it is ridiculous. She mentioned that one of her partner's kids told her that at school where they attended near Dallas, Texas told the students not to honor or take a part in St. Patrick's Day because Irish folks killed Christians. Truer words were never spoken true in the land of Texas.

And The Best Of All ... The gal that I cannot stand the most when it comes to politics, religious and stuff is none other than WILD4SURFING from That girl walked around on high sky, lookin down at people who disagreed with her regardin the struggles between the liberals and conservatives, always defended the Marines because her husband is in the US Marines. There was an argument which I cracked that the United States soldiers are full of pigs who has no respect for others but themselves. They'll defend each other to no end. This particular woman lashed out at me that I was a tragic person who is very angry, bitter and all that rubbish that she thought of when I took a shot at the soldiers, Conservatives, Xians and Republicans. Sempfer Fi!

Well, she just broke the news that her husband wanted a divorce. Why? He cheated on her for a long time. She thought he was a solid Christian?! Sempfer Fi! Even her husband cheated on her in front of his Marine friends and these Marine friends never bothered to tell her about it. God and Jesus will protect the Marines! Of course! Sempfer Fi! The truth hurts, I was right. My dear fool, the Marines had been always fooled around, they have been and always will. It does not matter if he is devoted Christian -- they always cheated one way or other. It is the nature of men -- or should I say pigs? Sempfer Fi!

Why am I doing this? Because I was right. He *knew* she was loyal to him all the time and yet, he cheated. Sempfer Fi! I occasionally mentioned about my sex life because I have NOTHING to hide from anyone else. When I see, read or hear from people who claimed that they are faithful, the majority of these times, I always smiled a little, my eyes quickly darted to my close confidantes to see if they smiled. They often smirked after seeing me darting my eyes on 'em. They knew that it is all rubbish. Sempfer Fi!

When I am very open about what I do with my sex life, people said that it is typical Liberal. Conservatives tend to hide, lie and manipulate people to get what they wanted -- which one should I be? Of course, a typical Liberal who embraced my sexuality as an open book. Sempfer Fi!

No, I do not feel sorry for her. She should knew better than to defend "them" in the first place. Now she'll be one of many deaf single mothers -- well, I wish I could do something different because nobody deserved this treatment but that's what it happened. It is better to question the validity of things than to stick with things by faith. By faith, it betrayed you and your feelings. By being suspicious, it minimized the pain and empowers you to defend yourself in the long run. Sempfer Fi!

Well, I mentioned that I used to live near the army base in Virginia, the soldiers are pigs. I saw it with my own eyes. Sempfer Fi! Now she's back to Texas, pondering on what to do with her life as a single Mom. A typical Texan who is blind by her everlasting faith in conservatism, christianity and republicanism. See how it betrays her.

Let's wait and see how the conservatives in Texas will embrace her as a deaf single mother. Sempfer Fi!

Based on my observations and experiences, a deaf person marrying a soldier *never* succeeded. I had yet to meet a couple that lasted more than 25 years. Why? Of course, fidelity and plantation mentality are the issues here. The soldiers thought it is much easier to hide things from a deaf person for a long time. Obviously, this guy is bored with this deaf woman and is asking for a divorce.

Sempfer Fi? Yeah, my ass.


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