Saturday, March 05, 2005

If Not PBS, Then Who Will?

When I was sick with colds, sore throat and aches, I already mentioned earlier that I tend to tune in to PBS channel because it is easy on my mind.

People, for years, has been complaining about the way PBS operated itself. The Republicans worked hard to reduce the federal monies for PBS, the conservatives continued to whine about tax being used for PBS. The Christians whined that it is too neutral for their taste.

Now FagPatriot mentioned that George Will, a columnist, wrote an article indicating that we have no need for PBS.

I grinned. Then rolled my eyes. Then sighed. Then stared at CBS' Collegiate Basketball game on TV.

PBS is a private, non-profit media enterprise owned and operated by 349 public television stations that has NOTHING to do with ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, NBC et al. PBS's aim is to be indpendent, neutral, educational and unbiased for *all* viewers. It cannot survive without some help from the government.

If the government wanted ONE media to be neutral for all the times while other stations can merge, bought or owned by who's who -- PBS is the one.

When PBS hosted a program that might depict a gay person, so what? When PBS hosted a program that depicted Chinese living in Seattle, so what?

Some X-ians whined that they are not being neutral, they have their own X-ian channel. Use it.

I stopped reading George Will's column because I did not care much for it -- I already interned at PBS and saw the works within. All I can say is that the experiences I had with them was incredible in comparison with the private, for-profit TV stations.

I saw the PBS' advertisement few days when I was in bed, the children was watching the puppet show. The guy who controls the puppets attempted to force two puppets to fight each other. But suddenly, two puppets decided to cut the strings, to reject the puppetmaster and be independent on their own. They can decide for themselves without any interference.

That is what PBS is all about.

That is why many X-ians, Conservatives and Republicans feared the PBS. So they try to find ways to kill PBS so that they can control the viewers, voters and the rest.

Shame, though.

But it is not illegal.


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