Sunday, March 13, 2005

NCAA Women's Selection Show

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This is bullshit.

I cannot believe this at all. The NCAA Selection Committee must have been snorting crack and heroin before doing the selection business!

East Regional

No. 1 Tennessee will play Western Carolina, coached by Kellie Jolly-Harper. Kellie Jolly-Harper used to be the quarterback of UT Lady Vols to 3 National Championships. Interesting match-up.

Temple will play Louisiana Tech. This is going to be very interesting match-up.

For the first time in years, Virginia and Tennessee will not be paired in the same regional. I'm so GLAD about it.

Mideast Regional

No. 1 Louisiana State seems to have an easy route to the Final Four. Its only formidable opponent seems to be Duke which may occur during the Elite Eight Match-up.

West Regional

North Carolina is No. 1 in Midwest Regional which is overseeded, in my opinion. Its strength of schedule is joke. Oh, well.

What truly baffled me the most is the Virginia-Old Dominion match-up! The NCAA Committee tends NOT to pair the teams that already met during the regular season. Virignia already beat Old Dominion last December, why pair us up in Minneapolis? Who will watch Virginia-Old Dominion in Minneapolis? Of course, Trudy wouldn't have the time to do that!

If Virginia takes care of Old Dominion, they have an unfinished business with Minnesota in Minneapolis. Last year, Minnesota whipped Virginia in Charlottesville, and this time, it could be our turn to take care of Minnesota in Minneapolis. An eye for an eye.

Baylor should be No. 1, not North Carolina.

Midwest Regional

Perhaps the surprising No. 1 is not Stanford but Michigan State.

Louisville vs. Southern Cal will ignite an old controversy among the Women's Basketball circles that the Committee wanted to pair teams that were coached by men to eliminate each other before facing teams that were coached by women.

Richmond made it to the Party this year, and they have to face Florida State. That's not bad opponent. I'm rooting for Richmond Spiders to go far.

Dartmouth will play Connecticut in Storrs. Knowing Dartmouth in the Party, Dartmouth has an attitude that has nothing to lose, it may present a problem for Connecticut who has so much to lose. Dartmouth nearly snapped Virginia in '96 and I was at the game. Whew.

Perhaps the best part of the tournament is that if Connecticut wins the first two games, they will face Stanford -- both coaches disliked each other and often badmouthed each other for years and refused to play against each other for years. They might have to play against each other. It would be delicious if Stanford topple Connecticut!

This is going to be fun tournament.

Let the March Madness begins!


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