Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Town Named Laurent

I finished reading the Minneapolis Star-Tribune newspaper about the plans to set up a town of signers between Mitchell and Sioux Falls. It'd be a town filled with people who can sign to each other.

I wonder how they react if I want to set up a bar in Downtown Laurent? I'll admit that Laurent is not going to be a big town of more than 10,000. Let's say that having a gay bar in a rural town is not going to beneficial. What i meant is a bar that is owned by gay person and the bar is open to anyone else. Tolerance and acceptance is a must. That means what? If a guy kisses a guy, no problem in the bar at all.

You want to have a meeting about Jesus? Go to Salem.

Is it possible? I wonder ... Rayni, care to ask Marvin for me?


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