Sunday, March 27, 2005

Ridor's Bitch Session III

I'm sick of ur political grandstanding. Leave the poor girl and her family out of it. Culture of Life, my ass. I can't even watch the damned news anymore.

Kurzetard- Your bashing comments on certain individuals are full of ****!!! In other words, you are a LIAR! Oh, to the readers, want to know the true version about roach-egg hoax in mass email? It will be on other blog SOON!

For those who brownosing on my spring break!
Don't u hate it when people act like they are a good buddy of yours on spring break but when it comes to Gallaudet Campus they totally ignore u or give some dirty look on ur face, I don't like u on both sides AND at least I'm real, so buzz off!

Sean Virnig- You still suck! You were despised during college and your employees hate you. You think you're all that but you're still what you've always been-a dolt.

Yo L, stop being a FUCKING baby and grow up. No one wants to deal with your temper trantrums of a 37 year old wannabe actor who cheats out his deaf roommates their rent $$ and never admits he does anything wrong!

To my friend whom I am concerned, Lee T. Stop drinking and taking so much drugs -- We all DO care!

When are you going to pick up your damn tv stand?
Ridor Responds: When I get a car. I ain't take the damned TV stand into a subway for the world to see!

123...ABC... Forever!

A Marine Asked To Divorce A Deaf Woman -- were you shocked by that? Only naive people do.

I hate St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick came from England to help Ireland. What's the big deal with St. Patrick's Day?

RT, Why are you in "The Incredibles" as the Syndrome?

McFly is Elise Kilholm-Whitworth? Someone must be high on Crystal Meth.

Keith and Silas are coming! Act busy, New Yorkers!

Laurent looks nice place to live but with 1,000 people in the town, is it wise to have several buildings that has four stories high? I'm very skeptical. Let's start with small buildings, not big ones.

Boo hoo, Terri's parents cannot do a thing. Some X-ians whined about the lack of parental rights. About time they finally get to taste what many gay people were denied of medical rights when they cannot see their loved ones when they were sick or dying. An eye for an eye.

Bush helped to stir the democracy in Middle East? Wake up. Do you truly think the folks in Middle East never contemplated about democracy until Bush came in? It is all about timing. Bush has nothing to do with it.

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