Friday, March 04, 2005

Ridor's Bitch Session II

Dear Student,
I'm sick of your whiny gimme-gimme ass. You are the most ignorant, arrogant and manipulative hearie student I've ever had. Apparently you thought you'd just miss classes, saunter in class late nearly every week, miss appointments, don't complete homework, and receive an "A". You thought learning ASL would be a lark. Now you're crying because you didn't foresee the loop-a-loop? I mean, ASL is a LANGUAGE and and it's hard work to learn! What did you think it was, monkey language? You never gave it more attention than a few lame-ass halfhearted attempts at throwing your hands around in approximately the correct configuration. I could barely tolerate you sitting there with your surpy-sweet smile and bullshit about how cool sign language and how wowowow awesome beautiful it is. And I fucking saw through everything you did, even the emails you sent me where you would threaten me then try to flatter me. Who the fuck do you think you are? You can't sign, period. You don't pass Go. You don't collect $200. Enjoy the "F" and get the fuck out of my face.
ASL Professor
Ridor Responds: 15 to 30 words. Strong words but too long.

DH, it's better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you're a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Terese should have stayed a lesbian then she would not be pregnant with that loosers baby and now married and professing undying love...

It's not bitchin' but want to say that Manny has a great ass, not to mention a gorgeous face. Wouldn't I love to kiss those lips and squeeze that ass.

Roaches, roaches, roaches fuckin' everywhere in my office. Exterminators are coming tonight, so hopefully roaches goes bye bye. Don't want stow-aways visitors at my home!

What's the deal with people complaining about the snow? Snow is gorgeous. If you want to complain about snow, then fuckin' move to fucking florida. No snow there.

Anthony Mowl, you're too young and inexperienced to be an editor. Maybe the brethen will help you wake up. Hope so. Good luck.

"According to the rumors, they said that I think I am the center of the universe. But it is not true. In fact, I am the Universe!" -Ridor [Taken from your blog, well you are AS BIG as the Universe for SURE!!!!]
Ridor responds: Ok-ay, people who lives in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

Frodo Failed
Bush has the ring

Podlaha, extra-long ring fingers give you away. Stop trippin' over ridor's blog. Yo' ass busted.

Go ahead and grab your nuts tightly, cuz I'm not gonna be your friend with benefits, so tug and pull, yank that sucker, but its not gonna be me doing the tugging! Get that thru your thick, sick skull that there's more to me than a body to fuck. For all those losers out there being dicks, go fuck yerself, cuz I am not interested in your tiny dick or walnuts you try to pass off as balls. I don't need you to feel good, no you only serve as a joke. So the next time, you're eyeing me, trying to gauge how quickly ill jump into bed, quickly grab your dick and tug cuz that's all the action you'll get from me!

Next time you write that your name is 74168, it might indicate that you got a mental illness. Oh, by the way, I am 854128.

Cant the hearie and able bodied world give us deafies the goddamn time of the day?

Is there a place deaf and straight men can go to be trained to be less assholes and more intelligent/personable?

Hey Junction Man and your slacker friends ---when are you all going to get off your lazy asses and be productive? Well, for starters, you could at least graduate. There's more to life than disc golf and getting high.

See? I was right about Ben Lewis and Rico -- it won't last long! Back to the hunting game.

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