Friday, March 04, 2005

Bow Before Your God, Ridor The Terrible!

I'm back. For the last two days, I had been bedridden with colds, sore throat and all that stuff you heard from different sources. I'm rejuvenated. Back to normal. Told Beth that the little lump on my left shoulder seems to be growing. Perhaps, I'll be the Hunchback of New York in a short time.

A conservative friend of mine IMmed me today with this article and said I should check this out -- he nailed on how I looked at things. Perhaps, you guys should read and think about it a little more and ... thank Osama Bin Laden.

Like it or not, Osama did things that pulled us into the fray. Too bad, Bush does not look at it as a bait -- he looks at it as a crusade of "freedom", "terrorism", "liberty" and "anti-gay".

North Dallas Thirty wrote an entry to celebrate Texas' 169 years of "independence". How silly is that? I personally think Texas is not worthy enough to be part of the United States. Its people are greedy, they required more space, more things, more food, more oil, more of anything else, really!

They claimed that they honored Erastus Smith, a deaf person who helped Sam Houston to beat Santa Ana by blowing up the bridge, which trapped Santa Ana as well as spying for Sam Houston. They honored Erastus Smith by naming a county "Deaf Smith" in the far corner of Texas Panhandle, away from the normal folks to find out who he is! It is away from a major highway, away from bigger cities -- the county is simply sitting on a desolate area that has no purpose of attracting people to find out who he is.

It is like, "Yes, we honored him for doing this. That's why we gave him a county. Far over there, no -- far away on ur left side ... that dusty room where nobody ever entered the room!"

Gee, thanks, hearie Texans for such being assholes to Erastus Smith -- get this, you would NOT have Texas if not for Deaf Smith. Stephen F. Austin was mere a wuss politician, Sam Houston depended heavily on Erastus Smith! And where did you put Erastus Smith? In the fucking corner where nobody visited!

Update! I just wanted to make sure that there is a major highway going through Deaf Smith because I drove through one -- twice. Interstate 40 rolled into Deaf Smith County from Oldham County for less than 1/4 of a mile before entering New Mexico. You could take a pic of "Deaf Smith County" board and still see a board few hundreds of feet away welcoming you into New Mexico. It sucked.

Gee, thanks a lot, you Texan fags!


P.S. Bitch Session II Deadline Tonight -- I got more than 15. Be afraid.

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