Friday, March 18, 2005

Hearies and Catholic Church Are Retards

I had a good time tonight. I hung out with friends in several bars. Tanya and Cyn needs to stop acting like dogs panting for attention. If a hearing person wanted to ask them a question about their "hearing status" or their "voice status", don't fuckin' answer that. That is offensive thing to respond. Why do they need to know about it? Do they need to know so that they can be "convenient" with how to communicate with others on their TERMS?! Fuck 'em.

Don't pant like a dog. Be tough. Be firm. And kick ass. Some deaf people wanted to impersonate as hearies because they feel they needed to be part of their world -- two words: Delusional minds.

If they won't accept you as who you are, they are NOT your friends. They are not worth the energy to deal with. They suck. They are *imitating Mrs. C* mentally retarded!!!

To be honest with you, I'm sick of hearies. I'm tired of dealing with the ignorant bunch of idiots. I was not hired to tell you about my fucking deafness. So fuck off. Just fuck off already!

Somebody please massacre few hearies somewhere in the world. Ahh, they probably will. That is the best part about being Deaf, you won't get killed over politics -- because only hearies will be killed. Hahaha.

On another note, shame on Catholic Church of San Diego for refusing to serve a funeral of gay man who died of heart attack at 31. The Catholic Church refused because this gay man owned two gay bars, that's all. Wait a minute, they refused because he owned two gay bars? Look at the bright side, he is not a pedophile. Catholic Church are.


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