Monday, March 28, 2005

Rainy Days Make You Ponder About Life

It is true. When it rained all day, it gives me the opportunity to stare and wonder about things in life. You cannot change things in the past, so better to use it in the present or future.

Among few things to utter today:

Burger King: Hadn't seen one in New York. Don't know where they are, do not care much for it. But I know there is one just off from Gallaudet in the District. I saw the commercial this morning that they just unveiled the whoopiest breakfast sandwich -- 730 calories with 47 grams of fat! It has rectangular sandwich with sesame seeds on it, along with three scrambled eggs, 6 bacons, two sausage patties and two slices of cheese. EW! Maybe Gallaudet students will gain this time around. But again, not all Gallaudet students are morning persons!

Smurfs? This morning, I watched The Smurfs, remember the tiny blue people. They lived in a community that has one or two female smurfs and the rest are males. Does it sounds like Chelsea? The way they decorated their community, they sounded so ... gay.

Gang signs: Yesterday, on the way back home from Chelsea, I walked past a group of young boys who were saying good byes to each other, they attempted to do the gang sign to bid them farewell. It was hysterical to see how they tried to sign. I wish I could tape it. I could not help but grimace until I passed them by and when I'm far away from them, I snickered so loudly. People around me may think I was insane.

Ever Seen 'Em? Living in New York means that you will have to contend with pigeons frequently, right? One guy on the local news commented that we never saw the baby pigeons, do we? Indeed. Where are they?

Speaking of birds: Ever seen a bird having a heart attack in the mid-air and fall down on the ground. Never did. Why?

Life is mysterious. It's fun that way.

Oh, by the way, kaybee will come over tomorrow to take a picture of my head. I'm taking a risk of losing a cute guy like DowntownLad, really.



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