Tuesday, March 05, 2013

VLOG: 3-5-2013 Tidbits

Staring at you ... with contempt!

3-5-2013 Tidbits (25:42-min long)

This vlog is not pleasant nor positive. But it is necessary.  This focuses on 4 segments on Richard Roehm, Michael Hubbs, Russell Errigo & Dr. Angela McCaskill, Lindsay Dunn & Sheri Ann Farinha.

Yes, more people will be exposed in the next vlog, but I'm going to identify who's who just to get ahead of time.
They are Dr. Harold Mowl, Dr. Reginald Redding, Elena Ruiz, Julia Silvestri, Keri MacFarlane Ogrizovich, Leala Holcomb, Clare Cassidy, John Proffer, Jeff Kurz, Alexander Long & Chris Wagner.

It is high time that someone has to pull the "community accountability" upon these individuals.  




Scandia said...
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Scandia said...

Wow, didnt expect that I would be coming back to this blog, but considering the circumstances that have occurred on Facebook, its quite understandable.

Welcome back to Blogger.. lol ;)