Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vlog: Definition of Cyberbulling

For a long time, I was frustrated with many Deaf people, vloggers and bloggers when they claimed to know what cyberbullying is all about.  Many got it wrong. The blame can be on Tayler Mayer because when he founded, he told many others what cyberbullying meant when he got it wrong. I attempted to address this with him to no avail. It is worthless to do anything with him on this subject. It is like he believes he is 100% correct on this, period.

Over the years, I cringed at seeing so many Deaf people adopting Tayler's misguided definition of cyberbullying.  It is time to stop doing that. So hence this is what I am doing. There is cyberbullying, there is cyberharrassment, there is cyberstalking. All has different definitions which I feel the need to speak in order to stop the misinformation in Deaf Community at large.




Unknown said...

Thank you for this definition. Your definition of Cyberbullying, Cyberharrasing, and Cyberstalking is clear and makes sense. It is important to know the differences.

Unknown said...

I find many of your postings informative and educational which I sure do appreciate...