Friday, August 26, 2005

Bitch Session X

Disclaimer: This session was written not by me -- actually, I wrote only three -- the rest were compiled by readers via the emails and some via the IMs. I am not responsible for any comments that were produced against someone else. If you were targeted, you may defend yourself in the next session by retaliating as well. Happy readin'!


* * *
I *heart* Ricky Taylor! He is funny and real to the core.

Offering $20 to straight men so they can unzip or unbutton their jeans for you to suck their cocks, Kenton, is an act of desperation.

You have a great sense of humor and laugh/smirk, RT

Dorian has bubblegum ass. No need to insert a penny in his asshole. They will bounce and go up down for free.

Too bad that you are not getting laid or having dates. Says something about who you are and your lack of appeal and shallowness.

Dear God, are you there? Dear Jesus, please save me and fellow Americans from President Bush!

Ann Lynn Smith has no class! You don't invite people to your wedding and not the reception and you don't invite people to the reception and not the wedding. Are you cheap or stupid, or both?

I *heart* Katie Roberts

Joe, cut out the smothering smoochiness. It's too much sometimes.

Give all the hands more powers!! Check this site out!

Tiri Fellows- sorry the sex was lousy! At least you got a kid out of it :)

Jade is the best! Beautiful strong woman! See her website at She has cool new trailers!

The NYC heat (and humidity) wave has been quite horrible! Hurry up, thunderstorm with your majestic ground-rumbling thunders, cool heavy rain, and the cleansing drama you stir up and sweep away. Come to NYC, please!

Anderson Boy, as you aged, you looked awful. Bitter. Sad. Paranoid. Do us a favor, drink some urine and snort some Meth.

Chris Brawner, still mop the floor as everyone walk on it?

Anthony Mowl- If you lost weight and dropped your arrogant girlfriend, you would be hotter than Brad Pitt in my eyes.

AJ, AJ, AJ -- telling people that you got this virus by rape is a lie. You knew it. You barebacked all the time. Please do not accuse my friend that he raped you -- it was not. It was your ex who gave it to you, don't ever lie!

Joe Santini, you are the saving grace of myself. I will always treasure our friendship for I fully appreciate everything you've given me- and I'll say it once again with feeling! (*cue music*)

Love ya Ricky, you the best!

LAUREN ABBOTT MAUCERE: Ever wonder why your husband, "the" JOHN MAUCERE of Deafywood fame didn't marry someone from good ole' Gally? Ever wonder why he married someone (you) much younger than himself? IF you haven't started wondering, then you should start....IF you have been wondering, then you are on the right track! Many of us who know him are saying, "Oh yeah, not surprised he married someone younger & naive and not from Gallaudet to avoid her knowing him too well...."

Amy Kurz: Anyone with two IQ points above you knows that you are full of crap. "Ratexxxxxxxxx" only proves one thing, that you set this person up, and pretended to be a someone else, then attack that person. Sorry to notify you that nobody is buying this crap.

It is so unattractive of Rosey to make such threats on a girl who dumped her for what kind of person she is. But was I ever surprised? No, not at all. In fact, it is not the first time that a lesbian like her would accuse someone of raping her ... long after the partner decided to terminate the relationship. My dear Rosey, first this girl, second this another girl and now this particular girl -- grow up. Stop crying "wolf" each time you get dumped. One day, nobody will hear your cries when a real rape occurs. How pathetic would it be?

Your blog is mostly about Ridor, and you went ahead and set up an Anti-Ridor blog?!?! You must really love Ridor that much to do this. Do me a favor, forget him, forget your workplace back in Iowa, and forget those people already!

Alberto looks like a RAT with ADHD and serious drug problems. He is in the right city - NYC. He has lovely neighbors, the NYC rats who are his cousins. Your mama must have fucked one of them large cat-sized rats.

Cynthia, let's see how many months are left before you have a hole in your nose due to cocaine use.

I am in love with Ricky Taylor! He is the hottest man I've ever fucked!

Melissa is two-faced bitch. her beauty are fake.

Fuck you whoever gave all the new Gallaudet freshmen a lobotomy. Never before has this campus been invaded with such stupidty.

Did anyone sees Mr. HK after he sheds 35 lbs? Very hot.

You moved out of Iowa to set a new life, how about do it already? It is still there, waiting for you to start. If you keep clinch to the old life, the new life will go away.

For your bitch session ... heard Suzy Stecker was fired from CSD due to her infamous poisoning people and turning them against each other. What's new huh????

On the top of the email says:

No, bitch. You have the cold heart to send me a stupid email! I can't stand that mumbo-jumbo crap which only festers and breeds spam and virus sharing among the attached email addresses! Holy Hell!! Get a life and stop forwarding those shitty emails!

It is over, Amy's blogsite is gone! Long Live the Ridor!

Why can't people be like Rayni?! With her flashy attitude with homemade wits, who cannot resist hanging out with her? She kicks anyone's asses with her winks.

Carrie, when will you ever update your blogsite?

Ridor, when will you show up on Jason's VLOG so that we can make fun of you about your appearances?
(Ridor's Note: Very soon, you bitch!)

Adam Novsam and Eric Scheir: stop inviting yourselves to parties and gatherings in Seattle. Nobody likes you and you two need to accept that!

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