Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ummm! Breyer Is Delicious?

Ice Cream Is The USA's Favorite Snack: Sorry, Kyle, I'm eating Breyer's Ice Cream, not your boyfriend! Eating Chocolate Chip Ice Cream can be so bliss sometimes. I'm not quite fond of Baskins & Robbins, they are so ... yesterday.

I prefer Ben & Jerry's. I like Haagen & Dazs. I also like Breyers' Ice Cream. Last night, I was watching the History of Ice Cream on PBS. Very interesting. It mentioned that the United States is the most consumption of Ice Cream in the world -- enough to fill Grand Canyons each year. It mentioned that before Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington whom loved Ice Cream, the ice cream were solely reserved for "the very rich" people in Europe but thanks to Quakers, they found a way to bring Ice Cream to the mass. The rest is history.

Naturally, I went out to buy a box of Breyers' Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

Harmless tidbit: Did you know that I despised Chocolate Ice Cream?! I really FORBIT it! It tasted awful.

What Kind Of Mood Am I In? I'm like this gal on the left. I simply do not care about anything else.

You may click on the picture to read the dialogues. It does not mean that I'm in a funk or depressed. It is just Sunday ... Sundays and Mondays tend to be barf day for me. I rather to be drunk on these days than to stay home, really!

On another thought, I'd LOVE to see something like this picture on your right to happen in this town or New York. That would be a sight to behold! Wait a minute, maybe it DID happen before!

An Old Friend Called: Last night, someone called me by videophone, interrupting me from watching Colin Farrell's performance on Saturday Night Live. You know me, I spring a fast boner for a guy like Colin Farrell. I so want to fuck him like crazy! However, I was delighted to reunite with an old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in 4 years. She and I chatted for more than 3 hours.

That is one thing I really *hated* the most about the videophones, time flew so fast when you're chatting on that medium. And I mentioned that the arrangement where my videophone is set up in the office area is pretty weird. You see, I am right next to the window which overlooks a busy highway. And I have the flatscreen widescreen TV linked to Sorenson stuff. So you could say that I sit pretty close to the wall. Any car would drive by and thought I was talking to the wall. It is travesty, really, for my image. Hell, I have an image to maintain! ;-)

The 3-hour long conversation embarked upon some sensitive subjects that also touched on the blogging business of mine. When we talked about it, it made me realize about few certain things. Perhaps in time, you can figure out I meant by that.

Who Am I?: First and foremost of all, I am RT. I represent myself. I do not represent Deaf Community. Madonna represents herself, not the world, her gender or anything else. Just the way I like it to be. I am proud to be Deaf. I have nothing to hide about my feelings for cocks and manly asses. Some perceived me to be somewhat Militant because I do not hide who I am nor feels about -- there is nothing wrong with who I am. Instead of being quiet, I embrace these that made me who I am today. Thus, that's why I described myself as Deaf Gay Militant. If you have a problem with it, simply click "X" somewhere on your screen. I do not take things in a literal manner. Only you do that, I just provide amusing entertainment for others to enjoy and/or bicker about. Dig what I say?

Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday to three persons I adored the most:

Sarah Pack, Jennifer Perlis and Merritt Holloway. Happy Birthday, guys! Merritt, you are SO going to die of being tickled pink when you get something from me in the mail.



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