Sunday, August 07, 2005

Now This Is One Rabid Sports Nut!

Eggs sent me the email with the link to this article. Being the sports fan of certain teams, I can empathize Chris Offord ... only to an extent.

I personally cannot stand people interrupting me when I am watching Virginia Women's Basketball and Football teams. Just wait until the commercials, please! If Virginia lost a game and you came to me and said, "Good game." -- I will torture you to no end. A loss is always bad. Tell me if you saw the record books that says something like this??
Harvard: 9/15/00 V. Stanford L 91-90 - Good game

One time back in January, 1991 -- my ex and I went to watch Virginia women play Penn State. UVa was ranked No. 1, Penn State No. 4. In the first half, Penn State roared to a shocking 16-point lead, 42-26. Then Virginia frantically raced back into the game and seized an 1-point lead, 71-70 with 4.8 seconds left. Penn State inbounded the ball and passed to the accursed one, Shelly Caplinger who nailed the 3-pointer at the buzzer to upset No. 1 Virginia, 73-71. I was devastated, pissed off and all these jumbling emotions rolling into me. Never mind, it was the first game that I attended which ended the game at the buzzer.

My ex, Todd did not care much for the game but he was there just to be with me. He said, "Good game." I gave him the stare that freaked him out -- I refused to cuddle, kiss or fuck him for days. He apologized profusely.

Looking back, I was 17! I was a teenager! But the passion is there. Today, I still have my quirks when it comes to Virginia games. Many who knew me in person can confirm this. I grew up a little when it comes to that sport. I will get mad for an hour or two, but after that, I'm OK. Even if a guy asked me to cuddle, I'll not reject it. But I still loathed Connecticut and Tennessee.

So when Chris Offord was watching ESPN and his wife pleaded him to get in bed to cuddle -- he was plainly nuts. What were he thinking?!

I am Scorpio! I love sex. I love to cuddle, kiss and everything! In fact, if someone offers me to cuddle him/her, I will forsake one night of ESPN SportsCenter for that. I guess I was harsh to my ex when I was 17 -- sometimes I laugh at that, sometimes I regret the way I did to him. He did not deserve it at all. I'd give anything to get that kiss and heavy hugs-duty from my ex anyday.

C'est la vie.


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