Thursday, August 18, 2005

Run For Your Lives!

I just realized something. I was horrified at this particular thought of mine -- it is Summer 2005 -- which means what? Next summer is Summer 2006 -- this implied that the 15th Anniversary of my high school graduation is looming closer than I thought. I graduated in 1991.

Yes, My Class of '91 is bit odd. I am one of only two Caucasians. I am one of only two students that went to college and completed as well. IN fact, among the 78% of 11-member in the Class of '91 are African Americans, making it the most dominant minority group in school history, I believe. Yes, my class numbered is only 11. Thus, the graduation ceremony was very cute and brief.

From the left to right on the top row ...

Loretta: The most laziest athletic player in the school history, this girl once scored 37 points out of 39 points in a shocking upset over South Carolina School for the Deaf. She is indeed the most laziest student I ever had witnessed. The tricks that I learned how to bullshit throughout the college years can be traced to Loretta. Loretta was quite fond of James Madison University Women's Basketball because she used to have a mentor in Sydney Beasley and Floretta Jackson, both excelled playing basketball. Flo and Sydney called her "Lolo" which Loretta adopted for the rest of her high school years. In fact, Loretta and I was classmates, she's indded smart but simply refused to do anything farther than completing the high school diploma. What a waste.

Illia: Idiot.

Steven: Idiot -- took him like 15 years to complete his years at a deaf school. Don't know if he's alive or not. You simply cannot communicate with him. It's kinda sad.

Jerod: He used to harass me over the years but when I get out of high school years, he and I became friends. He's nice fellow. Lives in Charlottesville -- always managed to update me with the information related to Virginia Basketball and Football.

Keresha: This girl is fucking narcissitic. Cannot blame her -- because when she was a kid, she had a teeth that resembled a rabbit's teeth. Everyone signed "K" by her teeth. What a torture. Over the time, she transformed ... last time, I heard, she is popping several babies. C'est la vie.

Second row from the left to the right:

William: Simply an idiot guy to deal with. Perhaps the best memory of my times with William was when I decided to pull down the fire alarm in Darden Hall, William accused Branham for doing it -- I chose not to say anything about it. Brandham was furious that he was accused by William. Branham grabbed William and threw William into the wall -- created a massive hole in the wall, much to my astonishment. Needless to say, I never confessed.

Serena: Sweet gal from Petersburg -- that girl cannot fucking shut up. Always has questions to pop about anything. If the cat decide to crap on this particular plant, she'll ask why it did that! Just. Fucking. SHUT. UP. Dunno whatever happened to her -- she deserved a decent boy, I'm serious about that.

Herbert: Perhaps the most successful story associated with "heterosexual conformity" has to be this guy -- he was all onto Stephanie for years and years. Last time I heard, he married and owned her.

Woodson: Just another idiot that cannot really sign effectively -- which is tragedy by itself. Case closed.

Jia: My classmate of 7 years, my lone rivalry over the years -- went to Gallaudet with me. Graduated before I did. Last time, I heard, lived in Los Angeles but someone said he's back in Virginia. I'm not sure any longer. We had our ups and downs throughout the years at VSDB. Too bad, we were, perhaps, the only ones that could stimulate each other throughout the years at VSDB.

What about me? You read my blog. I'm going through some parenthesis. Some change, I reckon. On another hand, I'd love to escort Anna Nicole Smith to the Class Reunion if there is one.

I hate to admit that I may be the only guy in the group that looked "hot" in some ways. Oy vey!

Mom and Dad told me that VSDB had some sort of reunion gathering for all classes last weekend, nearly 400 people showed up. Nice, nice. I guess next year, I gotta show up -- I'd love to bring Joe Blevins or Anna Nicole Smith to be my escort to these reunions.

AT least, I have a year to work out somehow a plan. Any ideas?



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