Thursday, August 18, 2005

Best Advertisement for Madrid's WFD 2007 Conference!

This is magnificent.

The advertisement from the Confederación Estatal de Personas Sordas (CNSE) for the bid to host the World Federation of the Deaf Congress in Madrid, Spain in 2007 was simply mind-blowing one. The CNSE in Spain is the same concept of what we have in our country for National Association of the Deaf (NAD).

However, I received an email from Dylan who tends to send me junk emails of sorts from time to time. Not that I complain, though. Then I saw this. I was impressed. I then forwarded it to Sarah and Philip, both were impressed. If both are impressed, it is time to share this with the world as well.

IN a way, I am hoping that hearing people, by reading my blog, will realize that anything is possible, even with computer animation.

Before some people exclaimed that the signs are not American Sign Language -- of course, it is not. Since it is related to the World Federation of the Deaf Congress which attracted the cooperation of many countries' national associations of the Deaf in terms of human rights, it must provide the basic but yet equal signs that can be understood by many peers, if not all, thus that is where the universal signs come in.

Here is the instruction to check the fantastic film, click this link. It will lead you into rapidshare webhosting website, scroll down until you see the Select your download: -- of course, we are that cheap -- so click "free".

Then wait until it tells you to go ahead. Check this out. My salute to CNSE for the outstanding advertisement for the WFD.

Of course, I'm tempted to head eastward to Madrid for WFD 2007. How can one not be tempted after seeing this stuff? Well done, Deaf Spaniards!

Hat Tip to Magatsu and Philip for the help to find the webhosting for this advertisement. Without his help, this will not be possible.

Update: I got an email from someone who is involved with WFD who was delighted to see that I mentioned about this -- he provided me the simple link to the advertisement on their website -- less complicated, though.


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