Sunday, August 07, 2005

8.7.05 Tidbits

A Friend Asked Me A Question: A friend asked me about the $7,890,477,420,684.06 deficit which the United States Government owed. In other words, it is $7.8 trillion dollars in debt that our government had on their hands. My friend asked, "To whom do we owe?" I was not sure. I checked around -- I was bit amused, 40 percent of the debt goes back to our government -- in other words, we owed it to our own government! AS for sixty percent of the debt, the foreign investors, banks, insurance companies and private entities. I'd like to know who incorporated the sixty percent of the debt. My bet is that many of them are from Saudi Arabia.

AMERICAblog's Michael of New York Got It Right: Michael wrote this entry and added that GW "Bush must be thinking, 'How Quaint!'". He is absolutely right. Yes, the UK is swift in arresting people who were suspected related to the terrorist bombings. The UK is also swift in charging them with offenses and provide the due process in timely manner. We have hundreds of suspects in our country, Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more that has been detained for years without being charged at all. By itself, the UK is more civilized and reasonable than we are. To have courage, we have to do the right thing. That is to charge the suspects with an offense and provide the due process under the law. Period.

Another Boy Scout Incident: God must have a bad bone with Boy Scouts! I just read an email from a friend of mine who forwarded the article about the Salt Lake City Boy Scout who went missing last year and presumed to be dead. The family decided to organize a search for his remains but failed to find after three days. The family decided not to do it again. Ahh, well.

SCOTUS Appointee Roberts' Adoption Background: Many Conservatives are in uproar after learning that New York Times has been looking into SCOTUS Appointee John Roberts' adoption records. John Roberts adopted two children. When I first learned of this, I thought it was no big deal. But when the Conservatives said that it is invasion of privacy, something was wrong with the picture. My guts were trying to tell me that they were full of shit. But I could not pinpoint on why my feelings did this until I read this entry by DowntownLad. Bingo! DowntownLad is absolutely correct in this manner. Not only that, there are evidence that some adoptions were done illegally, especially with the families that has money, prestige and power. I do not see any reason not to check around the adoption records.

After all, they demanded the information about President Clinton's penis during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. What is the difference in this manner? Absolutely nothing, really. Appointee John Roberts is now a public figure, subjected to deal with this. If he has nothing to hide, then he is good to go.

GW Bush, Send Your Kids To War! GW Bush claimed to feel sadness for the parents of dead soldiers. Prove it. None of his clan served in the United States Armed Forces. When a mother asked to see GW Bush in Crawford, Texas about her feelings related to the war, she was denied and kept at bay by the secret service agents. Bush's associates talked to the mother and expressed GW Bush's "sorrow". What the fuck?

Was it me who read a recent article where GW Bush said he is looking forward to go back home on a vacation and to re-connect with the folks in Texas? Oh, he meant to re-connect with HIS people?

The mother of a dead soldier claimed that the secret service agent made an indirect threat that they may be hit by the agents' cars on the highway where the mother stood outside and refused to leave until she sees GW Bush. As usual, the agents denied.

UPDATE: According to DailyKos, Cindy Sheehan, the mother of dead soldier, was informed by the secret service that on Thursday, she is a threat to the national security and will be arrested if she kept on coming back for a meeting with GW Bush. Check this link.

Schuylkill River Trail: There is a trail along the Schuylkill River from Norristown to Philadelphia which is 10.5 miles long. Since I hadn't ride a bicycle in five years, I wonder if it is unwise to take a morning cycle to Downtown for a guy who hasn't ride a bicycle in years. The trail is not hilly, it's pretty much level al the way to Downtown. Feedback?!

Cool, cool and cool! Remember this entry I talked about my houseparent at deaf school whom I enjoyed immensely? I was told by another friend of mine that this particular family that Kathy Hughes often mentioned to me during my times at VSDB about their organic food. The family sets up its own website so that others can purchase via the Internet. I think it is absolutely wonderful. Thanks to Sonny for the hat tip.



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