Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Virginia Cavaliers

Category: Women's Basketball

Sonny Wasilowski?! Let's head down to Virgin Islands this coming Thanksgiving -- just you and me and maybe Lisa, eh? So we can watch Virginia play Minnesota once again in the Paradise Jam Tournament, eh?

What A Great Catch! North Carolina courted heavily for Monica Wright, a 5'11 guard from Northern Virginia who is rated anywhere between No. 2 to 10 in many publications, has signed with Virginia Cavaliers. Not many of you are fan of Virginia Cavaliers Women's Basketball but I am -- so here is the link!

Watch out, Duke & North Carolina -- the Queen of the Hills shall be back to reclaim the throne, you motherfuckers! Payback is going to be painful for Tar Heels and Dookies.

Yes, I'm staring at you guys!

Update: There is a comprehensive article about Monica Wright. She is the next Dawn Staley! With her along with Lindsey Hartig and Paulisha Kellum joining the bandwagon -- Virginia shall be back to the national prominence as deserved!


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