Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hawai'i & Autism

As Usual, Demmonds Is An Idiot: Michael Demmonds was alarmed to learn that Hawai'i is pushing for an exclusive government for its original inhabitants other than caucasians, which the Akaka Bill can help the Hawai'ian Islands to secede from the United States if they wanted to without firing a shot.

The Americans came to Hawai'ian islands and overthrew Queen Liliuokalani and stripped her of her monarchy duties, oppressed the Hawai'ians Natives for years. IN addition, the Americans also seized the property of Pearl Harbor for the United States to occupy and provide the means for the whites to suppress the Natives.

It was mentioned in many books and yes, in one show on PBS a while ago which I mentioned about 4 months ago.

For years, the Hawai'ians Natives were relegated to second-class citizens while the Americans stole the businesses with the help of American Armed Forces sitting in Pearl Harbor. In fact, it was proven that the US Armed Forces refused to work with the Natives for any businesses, only with the Caucasians (which the Natives called Haoles) for decades.

And today, Hawaii is pushing for the Akaka Bill that will "sanction the creation of a racially exclusive government by and for Native Hawaiians who satisfy a blood test."

It is about time that the islands returned to their rule, not the ones that stole the islands from its Natives.

The former Senators from Washington and Colorado claimed that the "steal" of islands from the Natives were falsely accused. But the problem is that it was already proven many times in the past. They wrote:
The U.S. Constitution scrupulously protects the liberties and freedom of Native Hawaiians. It always will. Native Hawaiians have never been treated as less than equal by the U.S. Their economic success matches that of non-Native Hawaiians. Intermarriage is the norm. Sen. Inouye himself boasted in 1994 that Hawaii was "one of the greatest examples of a multiethnic society living in relative peace." In other words, e pluribus unum is a formula that works. We should not destroy it.

That is the problem. They assumed that the Constitution actually protected the Natives. Actually between 1893 to 1950s, the Natives were largely outcasted as second class citizens and abused by the sailors, caucasians and people who claimed to do good for them. Yes, today, it is multiethnic society but do you keep the stolen goods? No, you do not. You return it. Hawai'ian islands were *stolen* from the Natives by the Americans. The right thing is to give it back and let the Natives decide whether to remain with the United States or not. It is their legitimate right.

Shame On Loews Cineplex! In Wallkill, New York -- a 7 years old autistic kid had a good time watching the movie, March of the Penguins. The manager of the theater felt that the kid laughed too loud for the movie and had the kid removed from the theater! How great is it? Typical hearie dumbfuck. Another reason to wipe 'em out as deserved.

Update: Beth was furious about this and mentioned that we should call and lambast them for doing this to the kid. I thought she was right so I decided to make a videophone call to the Manager of Loews Theater at Galleria in Crystal Run and gave him the piece of my mind. I said, "Is this the manager?"

The person nodded. I fired back, "I am calling to let you know that I am displeased to learn about your actions with the 7 years old who is autistic -- as Deaf person, I find your actions deplorable and shameful. You should be ashamed of yourself for doing that to a kid who clearly enjoyed the movie. I hope you'll be fired eventually."

Suffice to say, the manager was speechless as I hung up on him. Let's call and maul them out for doing this -- here is the number: 845-695-1724



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