Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lebaneses, Bitch Session And Few Ramblings!

Two Deaf Lebanese Killed Hearies: As Sophia Castillo on The Golden Girls once said to Rose Nylund, "She is Lebanese!" In Albquerque, two Deaf women were arrested for domestic violence and they were linked to the hit-and-run that resulted in 5 dead hearing folks on Interstate 15 just a mile inside California from Nevada's border last year, though. Why Lebanese? You figure it out, honey. If you're that smart. Ain't my place to describe what it is to you.

Bitch Session X Is Coming Up This Weekend: You know the drill. But let's be funnier and nicer a little -- after all, the heatwave is not in. Be creative and cute.

IE Sucks, Period! I already got 4 emails from different readers who complained that they cannot read my blog from AOL's browser and Internet Explorer -- I suggest Firefox! Go to www.mozilla.org and download Firefox! You see, Firefox is pals with Google.com, Google owns blogger.com where my blog is. Naturally, Internet Explorer is owned by Microsoft, they regarded Google as a threat. Probably has something to do with the programs that enabled others to fuck up when they come to my blogsite. I hadn't changed a thing on my blog from day one. I only updated. It is probably some "technical stuff" between these two corporations. So take my advice, fuck Internet Explorer.

Ack! At Least, This Guy Has Guts! This is definitely disgusting and weird. What was HE thinking when he entered the store, Dollar General with that color on his face?

Watch Out For That Bum! I knew it would happen like this. When the needs needed to be addressed by the White House Administration to deal with, they probably dispatch the different departments to change the subject by scaring the concerned people about this, that and there.

Now when Cindy Sheehan firmly trashed GW Bush's compassion -- and Lance probably sharing the performance-enhancing drugs with GW Bush when he visited him at Crawford Ranch, the Attorney General has issued the warning that the terrorists may pose as vagrants bums in order to survey the areas to plan the terrorist attacks.

Baloney! Next time, they will say that the terrorists will pose as senior citizens in order to survey the hospitals and bomb one as well. At least, it will piss AARP off in that route if they go this way.

It'd be hilarious if someone kaboom the White House -- at least, this time, no Dolly Madison will have the time to save anything out of that building.

Whee! It Must Be Nightmare for 'em! According to this research, none of them feels pain so let's start abort some more today!

Anyone Pity Sen. Jim Thune? Certainly not me. If Tom Daschle did not lose to Jim Thune, Tom probably will save Ellsworth Air Force Base like he did 10 years ago. Jim Thune's inexperience may explode in his face as he cannot save 6,000 civilian jobs in western South Dakota. At least, Jim Thune can brag that he is a true Conservative who wants less government (meaning less jobs) for civilians to work.



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