Friday, August 05, 2005

Bitch Session IX

This entry is my 1,215th entry since 2003. Not bad, eh?

Disclaimer: Many comments were simply copied and pasted from emails sent to me from many readers who has something to tell of their feelings, regardless of what one feels about the other.. I am not responsible for the comments that hurts your feelings. If you do not like the comments, you reserve the right to defend yourself by responding back in the next session. If you complain, talk to me. I cannot reveal the sources at all. Many threatened me about information that were posted on Bitch Sessions in the past, but I never revealed the sources -- mainly because it does not matter at all. After all, I honor the confidentiality clause that I swore in the first place.

The heat during the last two weeks of July are getting to many readers, obviously. This is much cheaper than going to therapy sessions, really. Enjoy the bitchin'!


* * *
People sucks at communicating, it pisses me off to no end! Just a second or two of your time and effort to communicate better would save a lot of unneccessary crap. Fuck you all.

Seriously, Wojnar, your cock's too small for you to fuck the judge. You're no lawyer!

Jeb, believing a pathological liar in Timo does not make you credible at all. Besides, who would believe YOU considering the fact that your brother was in jail for molesting a little boy?!

It is not attractive when one is talking to the other and Matt Anderson interrupted the whole thing by groping someone during the conversation. Matt, grow up. Oh, by the way, you're not cute. You're hideous. That is why people were gawking at you.

Someone needs to pipe down. Sometimes oil mixes with water. Please put that fire out.

Jeb Baldridge, refusing to wear condom is offensive, telling your girlfriend that you insist to bareback despite her objections are demeaning to her dignity. Jasmin should dump you instanteously -- at least, you can run back to Timo Worthylake for all I care! After all, you guys sleep on the same bed for the last 5 years -- what's THAT?!

So, Podlaha, still sensitive about your fingers? Has anyone said anything about your dick yet?

Ring a bell, people. Raise the dead. So many prudes, so little energy. Jessica? Yes.

Dorian Yanke is one hot stud. I want to suck some gorilla out of him. His ass is so solid that I am sure it is tight.

Letter to A Royal Asshole: a.k.a. Jeff Panasuik:
Dump your boyfriend if you want. Shit happens and relationships end. That's Life. Maybe you'll find the one, maybe you won't. But when you dump somebody, at least have the decency to clean up YOUR own shit. How do you expect your ex- boyfriend to move on if he's still stuck with your dog and cat? He spent money on their vet visits, updated shots that YOU left expired for the past 2 years, and spends money on dog/cat food every week. He can't find a roommate because nobody likes the dog YOU left behind. Why should it be his problem? It was your dog and still is YOUR dog. You've partied hard for the past few months- had fun at gay pride, watch dozens of movie, and have plenty of hot sex sessions with Mr. Morden. Not a problem. Take a day out of that routine, go pick up your goddamn dog, and find a home for him, please. So that your ex can move on and start enjoying life with his new boyfriend. What I hear is: The roommate's going nuts having to listen to the bitch sessions and feeling stuck in between where she really just wants to mind her own business and worry about her own life, not yours and least of all, not your dog. Be a man. A real man. Your daddy abandoned you. You abandoned your dog. Anybody detect a pattern here? You're no better than a deadbeat daddy that won't pay child support, won't pay for health care, and won't visit his kids. You're a son of a bitch. Wake up. Nobody likes you anymore except for the dog and cat. They, amazingly enough, miss you.
Adios, the Fat Gay Guy.

Sung Park, got a problem with RT's blog? Speak to him, not to anyone else but to RT!

Alan Rothhie has 101 faces, more than the 3 faces of eve. Bitch! He fakes with people and talks only to "beautiful" people. Your inside is empty. Only your skin is keeping your body and mind together. May you rot in hell, you sneaky manipulative 101 face bitch.

Nearly everybody at Gallaudet says they're underpaid but seriously, I see them as overpaid workers.

Christian, I am very very very very disappointed in you for trying to hide behind few names to say things to Ridor. Your words meant nothing. I am very proud of you for owning yourself up and confessing to the Great Ridor of All! Hope you learned your lesson to NOT fuck with the legendary Deaf Gay Militant. As he said, observe but do not interfere. Need to take another English class to understand that statement?

Did anyone notice that the 2005 RAD Conference Co-Chair, Ricky Drake's haircut? That old geezer needs to be mentioned that having a Mohawk is for Halloween, kids or Natives but not an old geezer fag like him. Anyone volunteer to do that?

Dear Chris, congratulations on your new job!

MK - you're the best!

Clifford Terry, you'll do a great deal of community service if you commit yourself to the mental ward at St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Using your usher's syndrome to shield others from telling their point of views is despicable and you knew it and abused it as well!

Best wishes for a speedy optimistic recovery, Alec.

Bob Donaldson has mental problems, FYI. I personally live in Columbus where Bob is -- he is mentally ill! He tends to fabricate stories to gain his notoriety among his peers. He terrorized others when nobody agreed with him! He has been seeing a therapist and is nuts in many ways! It was no secret that he was hospitalized for things that goes on in his mind. It did not surprise me that Bob would pretend an idea that Ridor made a threat. But that is so TYPICAL of BOB DONALDSON!

Marla - you are big magpie in gossip deaf community. Keep your beak shut and big nose out of people's businesses sometimes. Your heart is big and your mouth and nosiness are even more big!

Quiztar is pyramid-scheme that has nothing of value -- it will drain your finances and why is Gallaudet Administration allowing the staff/faculty doing this on the campus? Shame on some professors at Gallaudet (you know who I am talking about, professors!) that tried to pressure other professors to sign up for an illegal pyramid-scheme craps. Somebody report them to the proper authorities, please.

Wojnar, you are so busted! You're so fucked. RT is going to take care of you in his own time!

Eww, who wants Barbara Hathaway? That's why she settled for old woman like Karen Rosenthal. Because NOBODY wanted them both -- so they stay together, licking each other to no end. Here is the picture of her! BARF! NO SANE LESBIAN WANTS TO TOUCH HER -- THANK GOD FOR DEAF LESBIAN FESTIVAL, BARBARA WILL NEVER TAKE OVER OUR ORGANIZATION! THAT IS WHY SHE IS WORKING WITH RAD INSTEAD OF DLF! HAHAHAHA!

Diane - stop using your friends! I do not like you, bitch!

I wish I was that someone else in the sling!

Duva Boy in San Diego, how can you own a restaurant and not remember the name of the restaurant? Evidently, you hadn't changed a thing -- you still lie. The garbage heap that you left behind is eyesore. Clean up your act, for Pete's sake!

What is point of vegan? You fooling your body and mind. Eat little meat, and u more healthy. Plus, money save.

On, when you're showing off your shirtless body and/or posing in your underwear with an idle hand slipping inside, and you claim to be straight?! No, no, honey. You are very, VERY gay!

Jenny rocks big time! Rock on, girl!

RAD 2007 Atlanta already advertised. And it is cheaper than DC -- way to go, Henry Carter! I bet that RAD 2007 Atlanta will be three times better than DC.

I love Ryan Commersion with all my heart. Serious.

Robert Hawkins would make a perfect Roehmosexual.

Someone ought to call Charmin and have them deliver RAD a truckload!

Christian Wojnar, now the hapless fool, I WARNED YOU -- RT WOULD FIND A WAY TO BEAT YOU SOONER OR LATER! My condelences to you, Christian.

Alan, stop being a very judgmental and condescending person!

Brian & Alan, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Finally RAD got a really diverse and honest judges for the Pageant. About time!!!

The Heights Apartments,
f*$k you f@3k you f*:k you,

Fuck you all, u are just mad that I do sleep around!

Tim Acosta is a fat fuck who likes to beat the shit out of people weaker than he is, especially his wife!

Bradley Gantt is HOT. If he goes to Gallaudet and you see the smoke billowing out of Kendall Green, it is because women (and men) will chase after that boy. Mark my words! Be still, my cock! Damn you -- gotta go to play with it.

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