Wednesday, August 24, 2005

UFC Is Stupid

Last Monday night, I flipped the channels and hit the Spike Channel which showed the reality show of Ultimate Fight Championships where muscular, good-looking guys compete against each other in order to get the spot in the "coveted" competition of UFC. It is ridiculous idea.

People claimed that wrestling is good outlet for exercise, people claimed that karate is a form of self-defense against bad things that could happen to you ... bullshit.

Many will use it for wrong reasons. To apply their skills for wrong reasons like the Ultimate Fight Championships.

I remembered the first time I heard of it -- it was from Todd, a friend of mine who told me that I was invited to his party later in the evening on a cold Friday night -- he mentioned that we will watch "UFC" on Pay-Per-View and mingle with friends as well. Never mind, Todd is Christian! He spoke highly of UFC. I did not know what the hell it was at that time. Maybe I was naive. But Todd insisted that I would enjoy that program.

Later on that evening, after seeing the first bout of Ultimate Fight Championships, I was shocked. I did not enjoy it. It was simply barbaric. I turned to look at people, including Todd, laughing, whooping and cheering at these nonsensical fights. Wow. Is this supposed to be the civilized society, promoted by so-called beliefs of Christianity?

I recalled reading a newspaper article about Dan Severn, himself the dominant fighter on UFC which resulted in bloody fights, knockouts and so on. His wife said that when he went to fight, she turned the phones, radios and televisions off because she was afraid of him getting hurt -- instead, she cleaned up the whole house. This is supposed to be amusing, is it? Well, it is not.

One word: Barbarianism.

Several times, the captions would appear on Ulitmate Fight Championship where they declared some fighter to be the winner of some fight -- then they interviewed this person, several times I get to see these idiotic people saying, "I thank God and Jesus Christ for being on my side in this fight."

What? Am I seeing this?

No, you little dumbfuck -- God, as I knew, is all about Love. I'm sure Jesus Christ would be horrified if he saw these nonsense fights. And at the numbers of so-called Christians who clamored to be for Jesus but enjoyed these wacky fights.

Last Monday, I saw one of several fighters who prayed before each breakfast, lunch and dinner and before bedtime. Do you think God and whoever it is out there will be OK with this fighter who prayed all the time but takes the time to plummet someone else's face with his fists? No, it is not.

Hitting anyone else in the face for *any* reasons is not good for us, for you and for the society. We are better than that. I rather to offend you with words than to assault you.

It is amazing to mention that the sport is growing leap by leap, despite the fact that many states banned the competitions. But I will not be surprised that the majority of fighters and spectators are none other than these so-called Christians!

If they want to fight, just go to Middle East instead of using our Armed Forces. Pat Robertson is full of crap -- I mean, he has the ability to spew his hatred but when it mattered the most, he ran away with his tail under his legs. Typical Xian.

It is interesting to mention that many Xians decried and whined about gay men's ability to love other men, but they are pretty much in favor of beating up on other men. So much for their Christian beliefs which encouraged them to love others as is. I rather to fuck guys than to beat up on guys.



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