Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Age Does Not Matter ... Or Does It?

Kevin McCaul's entry caught my attention and I had to talk about this -- in United Kingdom, a 31 years old man married 70 years old woman. And both are Deaf. The article can be found in this website, hat tip to Kevin McCaul.

Come to think of this, I once played with a guy who was 66 years old. I'm telling you, he surely can dominate me in bed. I was stunned at the ferocity of his enthusiasm. I was whimpering as he totally chewed me in and out.

You know the cliche -- when you get older, you gain more experiences. This certainly applied to me when I had an one-night stand with the theater manager in New York two years ago.

Judging the small picture, the lady does not have a sagging face like Jane Norman -- praise to the Lord! I can imagine what she might look like when you slip under her face -- all of her face sagged off her face. Not all 70 years old women are like that, though.

Of course I digress merely to gross you out with the vivid imagination of what it is like to be under Jane. And the worst part is that she is not even 70.

Maybe it is love. Maybe it is maternal love. Maybe it is ... money as usual? Just like Anna Nicole Smith and her deceased 91 years old husband. Hell, if Anna Nicole Smith can do it, so can Edna Townsend.

Double cheers to Edna Townsend and Simon Martin!

Deaf Does Porn? Actually, no. You can tell that it was ASL students -- decidedly awful at what they do. But nevertheless, when you enter the website, look for preview. It is not WORK SAFE!

When a friend showed it to me, I had to take a timeout because I cannot stop laughing my head off.



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