Sunday, August 07, 2005

An Open Message To Lunatics

Amy Kurz(etard) has been relentless, for months, that I was the owner or -- the truth is far from that. When I learned of this, I thought it was hilarious. I contributed nothing -- sure, the owners of that blogsite took my words and contents to attack her.

Amy was determined that I was the one who sets it up along with few others. Naturally, I got tired of her rantings and stopped talking about it. But since she decided to set up a new anti-ridor blog (second so far) trying to tar who I am with whatever she can think of. I'm sure most of them are untrue. Amy and I knew each other for only 6 months more than a decade ago and she claimed that I'm her best friend! You decide.

Now, I decided to take the screenshot of my dashboard on to prove that I own and operate only ONE blogsite. Two persons other than me already accessed to my blog can verify that I operate only one blog if they want to.

Here is the screenshot. Will it stop Amy from making further accusations? Doubtful.



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