Thursday, August 25, 2005

Jeff Carlson Battles Hurricane Katrina

My good friend, Jeff Carlson, is in North Miami, the epicenter of Hurricane Katrina's path. As of now, Hurricane Katrina is bulldozing through Miami at 90 MPH.

My brother, Gary is in Florida City, whereas Jeff is in North Miami. I paged Jeff because I wanted to talk about something else. Suddenly, he told me that he is in the center of the violent storm -- I completely forgot about it. It was Hurricane Katrina rolling in his neighborhood, just north of Miami.

Here are some edited comments by Jeff Carlson via the IM (thank God for his sidekick pager, since there is a massive blackout in the region that affected more than 1.5 million residents as mentioned by DrudgeReport).

Ridor9th: enjoy the hurricane?
Ridor9th: what mph?
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am outside now.
Ridor9th: LOVE IT -- you lucky dog!
IamJEFFCARLSON: 50 to 70.
[the conversation after that was cut off because it was unrelated to the subject, we were joking about things that could make his mother pale.]
Ridor9th: what shit?
IamJEFFCARLSON: It is raining very violently now.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am outside fyi.
IamJEFFCARLSON: Under the shelter.
Ridor9th: u lucky bastard
IamJEFFCARLSON: But rain water made its way to me.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I was going to watch America Psycho before all hell broke loose.
Ridor9th: hahahaha
IamJEFFCARLSON: At least, my first hurricane in six years.
IamJEFFCARLSON: Hope it won't shut down my work tomorrow.
Ridor9th: why not
IamJEFFCARLSON: Because they won't pay me for not being there.
IamJEFFCARLSON: It is either work or suck your dick.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am sorry, but working is more attractive option for me.
Ridor9th: hahaha -- u d love it
Ridor9th: news said that 1 million plus are without power in South Florida after Hurricane hit
IamJEFFCARLSON: Count me as part of those ppl.
Ridor9th: it is not Tropical Storm -- it is Hurricane Katrina
IamJEFFCARLSON: Yeah, I know.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I knew it would happen.
Ridor9th: where are u
IamJEFFCARLSON: Based on my theory...
Ridor9th: where are u now
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am in north Miami.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I was at the eye.
IamJEFFCARLSON: Based on my theory...
Ridor9th: it's 90 mph as of now
IamJEFFCARLSON: In south FL, it is always hot in the summer. Then it rains to cool down in the afternoon.
IamJEFFCARLSON: It is our form of ying and yang to keep the grass green.
IamJEFFCARLSON: But, the past week, there wasn't much of rain.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I was like, "Uh-oh"
IamJEFFCARLSON: Then I got up this morning with a warning. Go figure.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am freezing now.
Ridor9th: freezing in Miami? Unheard of!
IamJEFFCARLSON: Drenched wet.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am going to dry myself.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am shaking hard.
Ridor9th: u're in north Miami-Dade?
Ridor9th: ok
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am going to bed now.
Ridor9th: i'm gonna blog about u
IamJEFFCARLSON: Not about my cock?
IamJEFFCARLSON: I can tell you right now I am inside, yet I am feeling like the rain is falling hard on my face.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am still wincing to brace for that.
IamJEFFCARLSON: That's how violent it was.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am closing my eyes and all I see was the reflection of the street light on rain water falling on my face.
Ridor9th: shit
Ridor9th: about your cock, i could blog about ur massive hung cock someday!
Ridor9th: ;-)
IamJEFFCARLSON: I don't care.
IamJEFFCARLSON: My cock is like Jude Law's.

The last few comments are irrelevant, of course, but who could not resist blogging this? Jeff and I seemed to have some kind of special rapport that we can poke fun at each other in spite of natural disasters et al.

As for my brother in Florida City, no word but I'm sure he is alright considering the fact that Hurricane Katrina struck in the northern part of Miami area. Perhaps, in time, Gary will get in touch with me.

Enjoy the pics that Jeff took from his sidekick pager.



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