Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Courtesy of Lambykins, Vlog Has Arrived

O what can I say about Jason Lamberton?

We have different sets of beliefs but we are good friends, often joked about things in life. Thanks to a certain girl who coined "Lambykins" for Jon and Jason, it has been stuck with them for some years. Too bad some people out there are not flexible like Jason to deal with me. I'm pretty flexible as things go by but I stick with my ideological beliefs, same thing goes for Jason.

Jason told me that he has been working on this experiment that could change the face of Deaf Blogosphere, never mind the hearie ones, in the immediate future. Blog? No more blog -- enter the vlog -- the Video-log. Why? Because Jason has a point, not many Deaf people liked to read, they liked to watch one talk in American Sign Language. Hence, the video-log.

Jason, today, unveiled perhaps the world's first but certainly not the last vlog. Check this out.

What do I think of it? More power to him. I like to write. I do not think I'll look good on videos, anyway. It is difficult to explain my thoughts in ASL sometimes, sometimes it's difficult to explain things in English, too. But never say never -- I might experiment it when I visit Jason to give it a shot.

Meanwhile, enjoy his vlog. Way to go, Jason.

I must chuckle when Jason attempted to say vlog at first but said b--vlog. Bad habits die hard. What he said about that old arena, I agreed completely!



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