Sunday, August 28, 2005

Few Tidbits About Katrina

Best Quote of the Week: Michael Seward, 45, reported that going to Mississippi is “That’s a fate worse than death.” He quipped that he fled from Mississippi to be in New Orleans a long time ago. Probably because he cannot deal with idiots that runs rampant in Mississippi.

Southern Decadence Jeopardized? New Orleans' famous Labor Day Weekend of hedonistic activities for gay men called Southern Decadence may be threatened with Katrina's destruction of New Orleans. Now, come to think of this, this may be the reason why Matt Drudge is interested in this -- he probably wanted to sneak to New Orleans for Southern Decadence, he has to keep tabs of what is going on in that town before he can arrive on 2nd of September. If the town is inhabitable.

Other Than Tornadoes, Floods ...: We have to keep in mind that not only the debris will float around the city of New Orleans if they are to be submerged by the nearby lake, there will be some interesting sights to see tomorrow morning -- know why?

The sewage plant treatment is right next to the levee, it surely will be flooded and all things that can pass diseases are out, floating. Want more? There are cemetaries in New Orleans which has coffins stacking upon the other as part of French Catholic tradition, they will float as well. Want more? Throw in some bayou alligators and snakes in the mix as well.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity to ride the city out -- if anyone else managed to survive, they are going to have several books lined up to be written about their experiences with Katrina in New Orleans.

One Bargoer Drops F-Bomb on FOX NEWS Reporter: On Bourbon Street, recently around 5:30 PM, Fox NEWS Reporter found a bargoer on the Bourbon Street drinking and played a videogame. He asked him why he's still around. The bargoer snapped, "None of your fucking business!" Suddenly, the reporter responded, "Good answer."

Whites Can Leave, Blacks ... Stay! I was watching the reports of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. As you already knew, thousands left New Orleans. Some cannot afford to leave the city as they either walked, hitchiked to the local shelters. I saw the footage of folks coming in SuperDome to ride out the storm, I noticed that the majority, I mean huge, of the people that seeks the shelters are African Americans. C'mon, what's that? This implied that the gap between two races has not improved significantly?

Which One Makes The Landfall? Many Meterologists claimed that to make the landfall, the eye of the storm has to on the landfall, period. I can understand the technical means of others to indicate that the storm's eyewall has arrived -- but the troublesome part of the storm tends to be the outskirts of the eyewall, so when it loomed into the coastal beaches, I consider it arrived. Not the eyewall itself, but that is me.


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