Monday, August 01, 2005

Of Course I Expected This

Steroids For Sempfer Fi! The Italian Authorities seized the packages of steroids and said that some of it were supposed to head eastward to the American soldiers in Iraq. That does not surprise me at all. Just look at the soldiers -- they are just muscular with no brains. And you wonder why not many of them are smart with small testicles?

What If It was Chelsea Clinton? The Republicans, Conservatives and Xians would cry a massive Mississippi River if Chelsea dryhumped a guy or acted like this! But apparently, it is OK if Jenna Bush gets to play like normal kid in a club setting -- such a double standard, don't you think? Christian, aka RIADA, don't bother to comment. You'll be deleted in a swift and painless manner.

Who Is Christian Wojnar? Thanks to his mistake, he left his email address on the comment box which made my job much easier to identify the culprit behind "Ridor Is A Dumb Ass" -- AS of now, Christian is stuck working at some federal agency after obtaining a law degree. What a waste of his talents. Apparently, he and I had been IMming from time to time under the assumption that we re cool with each other. But in fact, it is common amongst the Deaf peers in the communities that many has two-faces -- Christian is certainly not the first nor last person to act as two-face type as means to obtain information from me in order to turn it on me. What do I think of these people? Pitiful, childish and nutcase.

But in this case, Christian, according to many women, is the classic nutcase. Just ask dozen of women who dealt with Christian at Gallaudet one way or other. I do not need to divulge the information about his character nor intelligence, I let women take care of it for me.

Cocksucker and Two Cuntlickers! Want another picture of me and my sisters? You can find this at my sister's blogsite. Naturally, I'm taller -- Karen is on my right, Hedy by left. Not bad, eh?

iBook for $50! Thanks to Tomato from the UK for the information, I got in touch with my parents and sister who will stand at the door at 7 AM on a specific date and location to buy the used iBook which a particular government will sell 1,100 iBooks for only $50! The quality on it is champ -- so hopefully, I'll be lucky to get one on that date. Of course, I won't tell you where it is or when it is because I dont want to hinder the chances of me getting it on that date. Let's say, if I managed to get one iBook, I'll be so ... happy that I'll probably have the massive orgasm! And Dylan probably will have to jerk off in honor of that because he was the one who kinda made me like Mac more than PC these days.



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