Tuesday, August 30, 2005

8.30.05 Tidbits

John Constantine Is Cool: I watched the flick today where Keanu Reeves performed as John Constantine in Constantine -- perhaps some people do not like because it touched the issues of Heaven and Hell altogether. I loved when Constantine said, "God? He is like a kid playing with his ant farm."

When Lucifer failed to beat John Constantine, you could see John flipping him the middle finger. So dramatic! It was great to see that so-holier-than-thou angels were flawed as well -- especially with Angel Gabriel who turned out to be more of a human than an angel. That bitch. Keanu, as always, rocks my balls!

Way To Go, Arizona Daily Star! In Tucson, its own newspaper, The Arizona Daily Star, a newspaper for a conservative town like Tucson has had enough of Ann Coulter's antics as they dropped her syndicated articles as of now after she chortled that NYC would surrender if someone attacked the town. Good riddance, bitch!

Which One Is Better? Last Saturday, I was invited to a barbecue by a hearing but heterosexual friend of mine. I observed that they had the keg of beer, buffalo wings, burgers, hot dogs and condiments. It made me realize something ... gay men hosted barbecues a million times better than heterosexuals do.

What Do You Say To This Pregnant Woman? Last Friday, I saw a pregnant woman walking into the local bar and ordered White Russian drink, much to my chagrin. Nobody objected. I wondered what am I supposed to say in this situation? Should I walk over to her and say, "Honey, get an abortion, please?"

Mama Gotti Is Still The Champ! I watched the latest episode of that "Growing Up Gotti" where Mama Gotti and her boys flew to Italy for the summer vacation. I could not stop grinning when Mama Gotti seemed uninterested when the bus drove by one ancient building which is the Italian landmark of some sorts, she said, "Let's be serious! New York has these! I'm telling you, we are spoiled! New York has everything -- my grandfather said that Asians and Europeans fight to get in New York! We have Park Avenue, Madison Ave, 6th Avenue and many more. What does this town has that New York does not have?"

Later, they went to a decent italian restaurant where Mama Gotti was horrified when she learned the lunch she had was produced by an Indian chef, not Italian chef! Mama Gotti, despite the fact she is Italian, tried to communicate with some guys in Italian -- she ridiculed the folks, "Can you say this word? Cheap-o! Cheap-o!"

I'd love to have her as my mother for a week. Serious case.

She rocks.

Frankie, John and Carmine are still hot, fYI.



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