Monday, August 01, 2005

Garbage Tidbits

50th Trip in 5 Years: Is this fair? Why is that the ordinary Americans cannot have 50 vacations in 5 years while this fucker can? Because he worked hard? Because he actually worked at home? Yeah, my ass got more workouts in 3 years than he did! Just remember this -- he was at ranch when he was informed that Al-Qaeda was up to something in the United States a month before the 9/11 fiasco. And what did this fucker do? Nothing.

Hilarious Quote: "The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I'll kill myself. All we need is one more liar." -Helen Thomas, the 82-years old longtime reporter for UPI who uttered these words to another reporter. Then this was picked up by Matt Drudge. Helen is pissed off about it because it was done without her permission -- somebody gotta tell her that she is not the only one who would have done the same thing. Dick Cheney, Lynne Cheney and Mary Cheney are the family of liars bent on greed and power. They made Wyoming look bad.

Told You So! London folks were swift in capturing 4 failed-bombers in a timely manner. They were not complacent. Once they fucked with the Britons, they will do whatever is necessary to clean up the slate. And they are doing the job in very effective manner. It was reported that the UK did request the information on few bombers from the United States which the US declined. That did not surprise me at all.

How Cute! It was reported by Al-Jazeera that the Prince of Qatar is gay! And he's hot Arab. I know Qatar is Islamic state which is subjected to the local shari'a laws which I condemned at its best -- it is quite barbaric to allow the peers to decide your fate just because the book said so! Fuck these nutty laws.

One Dumb Question: In Polk County, Florida, a mobile home owned by a gay couple was torched and there was a gay slur written on the steps that reads: "DIE FAG". It was not the first time that this particular mobile home was targeted. My question was: Why live in the mobile park? It is the haven of white trash folks who tends to believe anything their preachers, ministers or neighbors say about gays! Yes, homophobia is on the rise, especially in the South where lots of evangelicalists waged the heavy battles to discredit the goodness in GLBT groups. Exactly the way the Xians, Conservatives, Republicans and homophobes wanted it to be.

The battle to secularize the soul of America is being waged as of now. And the good ones shall prevail in the long run. People who claimed to be this, that and there will be discredited when the truth emerged out of ashes and lies built by dirty conservatives, filthy Republicans and wacky Xians.

This Is Great Picture! I was cleaning up my boxes. I found this particular picture -- yes, I am quite fond of romantic pictures, even with the straight couples. This was printed in Richmond Times-Dispatch in '92 or so when Boris Yeltsin ordered the tanks to whack the Russian Parliament to get the hardliners out of the building. Such a drama ensued in Moscow. I remembered seeing the tanks firing into a floor, maybe 15th floor or so, and it blew the papers out as if it was confetti spraying around the area. Soon, the hardliners were marched out, one elder man sneaked past the soldiers to whack the hardliner in the head before he was subdued by the soldiers. At that time, Yeltsin was tough but dignified. Too bad, he's drunk as I speak of now. Is he?

Anyway, this picture happened right after the tanks arrived in Moscow, waiting for Yeltsin's orders to fire away. Apparently, this gal found her boyfriend and had a hearty moment together. I love the Russians' way of affection. The Russian males knew how to lean and kiss very well. Look at his right foot, he is relaxing. I need me a guy like that.



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