Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Quick Thought Before I Hit The Sack

Had a conversation with Burke and Pigott about this recently and I thought I'd do the same thing to the readers as well.

It is no secret that Adolf Hitler waged the wars on many nations, groups and ethnicities. IN the process, he probably killed millions of people across Europe.

It is no secret that according to Christianity, it is all about to repent, to forgive the sins and accept Jesus Christ as the Savior of one's soul.

The question is ... let's say, after killing millions of people, what if Hitler realized that he made a horrible mistake and decided to repent his sins, ask to forgive his sins on his soul as well as accepting Jesus Christ as the Savior of his soul -- this, according to the concept of Christianity beliefs, guaranteed a free ride for Hitler to Heaven!

In fact, it can happen. And it'd be hilarious to see Xians' reactions when they see Hitler waving at them in Heaven!

No? Some Xians would claim that Hitler was beyond any redemption at all, but that would mean one thing: These Xians should not judge Hitler for God or JC -- after all, it is not for them to decide. Only God, Jesus Christ and Hitler, right?

IN fact, it is highly possible that Jeff Dahmer is running free in Heaven. After all, it was reported that Jeff repented in the prison before he was killed by someone else. How wonderful is that?


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