Monday, July 11, 2005

I Daresay ...

I dare to say that I will never be punk'd by Ashton Kutcher -- I really loved his creativity -- but too bad, I'm not famous enough to qualify. One day, it won't surprise me that Ashton would pull this on Tyrone Giordano! If they do, GET ME. I'd love to do it to him. It'd be hysterical.

And wanna read how dumbfuck hearing people can be? Check this out! This reminded me of a hearing acquaintenance that lives several blocks from my home back in high school days. He was shocked that I had a driver's license. He said, "YOU CAN'T DRIVE! YOU CAN'T HEAR!"

I was pissed off and I grabbed his newspapers and covered it on his car's windshield -- then shoved him in the driver's seat. Then I joined him as well. I told him to drive. He refused. I told him, "USE YOUR EARS TO DRIVE! DO IT! I DARE YOU!" He got the message but he was shaken when I provoked him. He profusely apologized afterwards.

Hat tip to Wham Bam for this. I nearly pissed in my pants reading this!


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