Friday, July 15, 2005

One More ...

Note: You can press on the image for close-up.

I am bored. I cannot sleep. It is very late. I found this in a box a while ago. Nobody knew why I liked this picture. In fact, the picture is bit shitty to start with -- it is because I copied from a microfilm. Then today, I used the scanner to copy the image from the paper -- evidently, the picture is not great.

Basically, the picture has been darkened more when I scanned it -- so some vital areas has been somewhat absent. If you look at LEE's #14, Sarah Mackey's shirt, it is evidently that she was knocked a bit by WHS's #20, Heidi Diefenthaler who raced in for a layup -- you could see Sarah's uniform in the air -- in fact, her bellybutton was exposed for the world to see as she stepped backward a little. Her response to the shoving off can be duly noted on her face.

Stuff like that, I like it. I noticed that women's basketball players tend to show facial expressions more than men's. Men tends to play with dead or macho looks. Totally uninterested for me to scope out the images and so on.

There are many images that made me compare things with my life. This could be one of them -- my life is full of obstacles, sometimes I got shoved by others and I reacted with my facial expression, just like Sarah Mackey did in this picture. But I did not expose my bellybutton, though. That would be hideous, right?



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