Thursday, July 28, 2005

So Many Persons To Chat, So Little Time To Do So

When I stayed in the District for nearly two weeks, I get to meet many old friends to catch up -- some are not quite enough. That is the problem of being Gallaudet Alumni, I guess.

Last night at POUR HOUSE, formerly known as Politiki Bar, I get to see many old faces but the problem is that I get to chat with many persons for a brief time. I nodded when people brought up this blog in my face. Sometimes I want to talk about something else, not my blog.

It was good to see the Veit Guy there as well. He is still hot, even with the fact that he is married. As time passed by, some people just looked better.

I get to chat with Ben for a while -- too bad, it did not last for days.

Some people wondered what kind of group do I like to hang out? I like to hang out with friends, old faces and I rarely make new friends. I just do not like to make new friends -- I mean, you have enough friends, why need more? Are you that desperate to make more friends? Certainly not me. I enjoyed laughing -- especially at things in life. When one hits the chord, I like to guffaw at times. I guess I am lucky to have friends who knew how to hit the chords ... excessively.

I do not like to hang out with folks that are pretty malice towards others, I mean -- I am quite malicious if I want to but that is quite enough for the world, is it?

I saw a familiar figure at POUR HOUSE that actually made me shiver. Her aura sets off the burning ice that could paralyze the bastions of Hell. But the problem is that it is her personality! She was in town for some kind of training for GLI -- Gallaudet Leadership Institute. I think I gave a clue to who she is. I'll leave the readers to figure out.

Speaking of GLI, I think it is kinda stupid that this country seems to bent on train almost everyone else to be a leader of some sorts. To me, it is not good idea. Eric Heckman, Mark Wood and Barbara Hathaway comes to mind. Hell, Heckman said that Bob Dole once told him that he can be the President of this country! When he actually wins the election, I'm applying for citizenship in Canada.

My point is that you train too many people to be the leaders of some sorts, sending them to go against each other over little things in this country -- it is putting ourselves on a path to trivialize the unity of this country.

There is a group called "LeadAmerica" who is currently training some kids for some kind at Gallaudet related to Capitol Hill crap -- according to its website, "LeadAmerica’s mission is to transform our world’s next generation of young leaders by inspiring, educating and instilling in them ethical and principled leadership values, attitudes and skills."

Let's face this -- many people are not suitable to lead or do whatever is necessary. Some are followers, some are leaders, some are independent -- but it seems to me that this country seemed to be in the state of frenzy to push for everyone to be a leader of something else.

With this attitude, it is no secret that we will have a prototype of Eric Heckman taking over the country in less than 50 years!


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