Wednesday, July 06, 2005

DC's NE Is In Progress

The Neighborhood of Northeast: It delighted me to know that I can walk on M Street in NE around midnight from the new Metro station (Florida Avenue/Gallaudet U Metro Station) to my friend's place on 10th Street NE. I noticed that the neighborhood, well known for its poor ghetto, is going through the gentrification process that uplifts the look of the area. One by one, the houses are becoming the houses that I wanted to live in. Which I could not say that about 10 years ago. Well done, Washingtonians. And yes, it is not complete -- it is work in progress.

Graystorm & Co.: Last Sunday night, I bumped into the fellow bloggers in Billy Kekua and Larry along with the assortments of KT, Don, Lee, Manny, Merritt, Jason and so on. It was good to see them once again. We cracked jokes and all that. Later, KT and Larry left. A cute guy who turned out to be Iranian flirted with me -- his name is Xerxes. Bizarre name -- I cannot imagine saying, "Oh, Xerxes!" But he has gorgeous eyes.

Oh, yeah, at that bar, Manny and I 005ed at two hearies for being so rude and abrasive. It was hysterical.

July 4th Fireworks: Thanks to Lee, Jason and I totally missed the fireworks -- we could barely see the fireworks from distance. But again, who wants to deal with the crowds on the Mall? Certainly not me. So off to DuPont Circle we went. We barhopped a lot. Went to The Fireplace's -- learned that Marb(t)y Bonales and someone else are banned from entering the bar due to the fiasco that they caused last month during the Memorial Day Weekend. Oh, can you say, "Not my problem!"??

Travis, Nathan and I: We went to Ben's Chili Bowl and had a great time munching these chili dogs and cracked jokes about everything else in the progress. Travis and Nathan are my fraternity brothers. Nathan is Mormon and yes, he's gorgeous to look at. I joked to Travis in front of Nathan that caused Nathan to go beet red as I said, "Travis, you know, there is something about Mormons that I want to hump -- I really can't wait to go to Salt Lake City in 2007 just to checkmark one Mormon off my list."

Suffice to say, Nathan turned and grinned so hard. Typical Mormon smile.

Then Travis and I had the funniest conversation which we nearly died of dehyderation -- it is about Mt. Rainier's glaciers, I told him that I learned that 14 out of 20 glaciers in Lower 48 states are on the Mt. Rainier's slopes. I told Travis, "If Mt. Rainier decided to explode, the glaciers could hurl itself through the skyscrapers in Tacoma and Seattle."

Travis chortled, "The Bush Administration will announce that the glaciers are terrorists and that by all means, we shall hunt down the glaciers and destroy them before they disrupt the American Way!"

I chortled, "Eco-terrorists!"

Travis laughed, "Y-E-S! Bush probably will try to bomb the glaciers all over the world but the glaciers escaped! Then he will address the nation that the glaciers escaped by melting! But next time, they won't melt."

So the absurd conversations ricocheted from me to Travis on how Bush would react to the glaciers being the eco-terrorists. That's why I enjoyed hanging out with Travis because we could keep up saying ridiculous things until the end.

Movies, Movies and Movies: Resident Evil: Apocalypse is interesting film. I noticed that it was filmed in Toronto. Boogeyman is scary. Meet The Fockers is okay -- it is overrated one! I finally saw Reign of Fire, it could be better. Matthew McC ... I cannot spell his last name, though -- when he took his shirt off and shaved his head and tried to jump onward to the male Dragon which ate him in a swift manner, he was sexy. OH, well, it lasted few seconds before he was eaten alive.

RAD Mess: I heard that a certain professor from Gallaudet travelled to Europe , he is encouraging people not to buy $350 combo ticket for RAD Conference -- only to select few ones -- as the means to boycott the RAD Board and CMRA Committees for their shitty efforts to reach the registrants. How did I know? I have a friend in Amsterdam who bumped in this fella and he was telling my friend and others not to cash in $350 combo ticket.

I also found a place to stay for 7 days for free. I shall have the access to the Internet and all that -- I shall live-blog during the week of Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf 2005 Conference.

3 more friends of mine decided not to go to RAD 2005 Conference because they lacked the sufficient information. It is getting bad, folks.

I Saw Gus English: I saw him at Cobalt last night. He looked cuter when he gained some pounds. Back then, he was like a pencil. Now he is cute. Umm ...

Tabitha Is Cool: Last night, we went to I Siam, a Thai Cuisine on 8th Street SE by Massachusetts Ave SE next to Blockbuster Video. Pad See Eew is delicious. It was always good to see Tabby. I'm glad that she is coming up to Philadelphia this weekend, then I'll come down to DC next week for RAD 2005 Conference.

It should be fun and exhilarating.


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