Monday, July 11, 2005

Republican & Conservative Bloggers ... Silent

When it was exposed that Karl Rove was the culrpit who leaked the identity of Valerie Plame which Judith Miller was willing to uphold her journalistic beliefs.

Let's hold this a second, please. It was GW Bush who said that he will fire anyone in White House who leaked the identity to the media.

It was also GW Bush and his cronies who heckled John Kerry for "flip-flopping".

This time, it turned out that GW Bush's top advisor was the one who leaked the identity to the media. GW Bush "flip-flopped" the whole thing and went mum on the subject. Scott McCLellan, the stupid guy at White House, is stammering around the reporters who are killing him on the spot.

It is interesting to note that Republicans & Conservative (some libertarians who defended GW Bush as well) bloggers has been silent on this subject:

LimeShit: Nothing
FagPatriot: Nothing
Instapundit: Nothing (bits but did not make a comment)
BoiFromTroy: Nothing, if not for WannaBeALeader who hijacked and put the entry in it
McWeenie: Nothing
Rhymes With Right: Nothing
AnotherFagRepublican: Nothing
A Stitch In Haste: Nothing
North Dallas Thirty: Nothing

They made a big deal about Kerry's flip-floppings -- but what about themselves? You know what? The Conservatives and Republicans loved to accuse, accuse and accuse. But when they fucked it up, they try to bury, ignore or stammer their way out.

Goes on to tell what kind of person they can be.


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