Thursday, August 25, 2005

Toby Is Now 30!

Happy Birthday, Toby Overstreet!

Get some Jagermeister shots today just for me, okay? Toby, join the club -- at 31, I get more fucks than I did in twentysomething. So you and I'll be fine as usual. Which I cannot say the same thing for others. Har, har.

Toby is the owner of Toby In Wonderland, go and check his stuff. Sometimes he has interesting tidbits, though.

Brilliant Advertisement: I occasionally saw this on MTV and ComedyCentral -- its subtle message is right on the target. Simply brilliant.

On Another Note: I heard a lot of raves about Ed Hottle, the new Coach at Gallaudet. It was said that he is fast learner at ASL, he could not sign worth a shit when he was first hired. After a month, it was said that he knew lots enough to sustain a level of communication with the players or anyone else. And I also heard how hot he is amongst the student body. Perhaps, this time, I will be able to enjoy the Homecoming Game. You know, it is pretty much eye candy for me -- looking at these butts in tight spandex in action. Now, this is heaven.

Of course, I am smiling with a wicked grin. It is about time that Gallaudet hire a coach that is da-bomb in terms of appearances.



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