Monday, August 08, 2005

A Minor Confession To Make

I am the child of Generation X. I may be the only Deaf person of GenX that has not visited DisneyWorld or Disneyland.

There you got it. That is the confession I am making at this point. My parents juggled with six children could not afford to take the family to DisneyWorld plus hotel, transportation and food.

We merely went to Busch Gardens' The Old Country, Paramount Kings Dominion and several Six Flags amusement parks.

My siblings, Hedy, Gary and Lily finally visited the elusive DisneyWorld while I simply never did. Even worse, nearly all of my friends went to DisneyWorld or Disneyland at one point -- you will be so Americanized if you visit at least one Disney-owned park. But I did not even to visit one.

My cousins went to DisneyWorld as well.

Chlms & Jon went to DisneyWorld with Zoe, not only that her in-laws worked at DisneyWorld. I did not even visit the place.

I had an online chat with PJ who recently went on a vacation with his daughter and wife to DisneyWorld. I still had not visited DisneyWorld!

Few friends from Florida lived near Orlando. I still had not capitalized to check out the DisneyWorld!

Even the worst part is that Manny's mother works at DisneyWorld -- Manny did not offer me the pass to get in the park! What a frugal. Haha. Actually, I'm lying -- his mother and I never met but she gave Manny a gift for me for X-Mas which is nice of her to do that.

The whole point is that ... everyone after Generation X seems to have some kind of requirements that I did not know -- you gotta visit DisneyWorld or you are not just an ordinary American. I guess that makes me non-conformist at its best, eh?



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