Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Part II -- Welcome Back!

After its brief but weary lash of South Florida, Hurricane Katrina has regained its strength then added some to make it category 5 -- which means the winds will exceed more than 155 MPH and can spawn many tornadoes at one time.

This appeared to be a direct hit on New Orleans. Historically, hurricanes often missed New Orleans because of its Mississippi Delta which prevented any hurricanes from going straight to New Orleans. But this time, it is category 5 -- which means it has the strength to absorb the impact of Mississippi Delta and head down to New Orleans.

For the continuous update of Hurricane Katrina's progress, check this link.

New Orleans is a town that is below the sea level, it used the levees and water pumps to pump the water out of the town into the nearby Lake Pontchartrain. But this time, rain will flood both areas -- which means what? When New Orleans attempts to pump the water into the lake, it will be flooded and spill it back into the city -- in other words, the city of New Orleans will be submerged.

After all, it is Republican state, do I care? No.

Of course, I love the hurricanes. This one may be the big one in years. Of course, I'll keep an eye on the development. People should not be so concerned about it, after all, they do not live in the region. Folks from New Mexico should not issue an entry, urging people to do this, that and there. This person never experienced a hurricane in his lifetime -- it is ridiuclous. In fact, the whole concept of hurricane is a blessing and a curse in its own way. Its first impact is always devastating -- but the nutrients that it mixed the soils during the heavy winds and rains made the soil fertile and rich possible. Consider it a blessing in disguise, already.

With this hurricane of big strength, it probably will hold its strength for two or three states until it dissipates. Following the jetstream, they probably will roll through the Virginia highlands and Pennsylvania -- that's where I'll say "Hello, Katrina!"

I am willing to bet you few dollars that the oil prices will increase this week because the oil companies will say it was Hurricane Katrina's fault! Totally bullshit. A decade ago, there were many hurricanes that rolled in The South, not a cent of gas prices increased. What is the difference?

It is greed, simply put. Something that the oil companies does not want to admit. Even the Republicans knew but denied it.

Welcome home, Katrina. Have fun bashing the Big Easy! Oh, by the way, where is GW Bush when the natural disaster strikes this country? Of course, on vacation.



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