Saturday, August 06, 2005

Gary Hates ...

My brother, Gary and I, as students of VSDB, learned about the drug abuse through its local police department's DARE program, a program pushed by former First Lady Nancy Reagan -- remember the infamous, "Just say No!"

What an idiot.

I heard that the majority of DARE graduates ended up doing the stuff because they knew the names and all that information to get around. Boosted the business as well. I cannot speak for them but I can speak for myself. I think if not for DARE, I would have a hard time finding or identifying what kind of persons to get in touch with to buy something.

Thanks to DARE, I was able to know the ups and downs of drugs.

I think I can speak the same thing about my brother. My brother, at the age of 9, was vehemently against the drugs. You can see the picture of his drawing for The Virginia Guide which was printed in 1985. Such a priceless one. I plan to rub this to his face just for fun.

Please note that today, I still do not understand the piece of art on the top right -- can anyone make a wild guess of what it is?!

So much for the pothead brother I have.



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