Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Food For Your Own Thoughts

Dad blames Bush for his son's death -- When the United States, Great Britain and Soviet Union crushed Germany, they were quick to set up the system where the masses can seek for food, health and so on. The result is that the Nazis did not have a chance to encourage the masses to resist and wage the cat-and-mouse games with these three nations. How? One has to plan ahead for the future right after the post-war. GW Bush and his administration, especially Rumsfeld, blundered by allowing the lootings, unable to restore electricity, unable to provide the basic necessities for several days. GW Bush and his cronies sent the Armed Forces to seize the oil industries as the primary targets instead of attending to the masses' needs. They insist that to operate the oil industry, Iraq can help its own people. Who gives a fuck about that? The first 10 days were crucial in cutting the stem of doubts whether if the Iraqi War was good or not. It is no secret that they failed miserably.

The result is frequent bombings, beheadings, kidnappings and a lot of tensions among the ethnic and religious groups. I'm sure that Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin would look at the situation in rather disappointing approach. Bush has his chance to prove it -- but he blew it when he ordered the Armed Forces to secure and guard the oil industries and ignore the lootings. People in Iraq looked at this clearly -- "They wanted our oil!" People in Baghdad still complained that there are frequent blackouts. Why is it not taken care of? Inexcusable.

Yes, Iraqis may be grateful for the removal of Saddam but they still regard us as the ones who occupied their country. Even if we already turned the government to Iraqi's hands, many still said that they are the puppets of US' whims. I really cannot blame them.

Al-Zarqawi gambled to play the cat-and-mouse games with the Armed Forces and so far, he is successful in driving people nuts. We could not find Osama bin Laden who is 6'5 tall, we could not find Muhammad Omar who has one eye and what makes Bush and his cronies that they'll find Al-Zarqawi?

Cheers to Michael Rogers for identifying another hypocritical fag in the Republican National Committee along with Jay Banning, his name is Dan Gurley, he is the Deputy Political Director and National Field Director of Republican National Committee. How can one works for a group that adopted the platform that goes against one is beyond me.

Enough about the politics, I'm going to hop on another subject -- which is close to Merritt and Delanne's heart. It was reported that Mount St. Helens is slated to erupt in the next few days. Delanne, be careful and check the sky when it happened -- be sure to take some pictures of the eruption. It should be interesting experience for you, Delanne.

Tonight is the one -- Benis, Surdus, Cyn and I will venture out to XL Bar to participate in Faggot Feud versus whoever challenged us! Hope we win! And it'll be surreal experience to observe the masses and LePore's antics. Before going to the XL Bar, I'll nap. I'm practically worn out at work -- so much things to do, so little time to do. C'est la vie. Which is good thing because this weekend, I am getting out of the city to recuperate.

For some people, why did I say Dorian Yanke is dead? Well, he is just a prick that nagged me like gnats do to a person a long time ago -- when he graduated and moved on with his life, he dissipated over the time. Nobody really cares about him. To me, he is truly dead. I do not care nor have the desire to hear what's up with his life. When someone mentioned about the twinkies, it reminded me of Dorian's freshman year. He was arrogant prick, 'nuff said. I was chatting with Nanc and he walked by and tossed the twinkies onto my lap. I personally preferred cupcakes, but this twinkies are disgusting. He said, "The machine gave me wrong one, so I figured you wanted this." I tossed it back to him and said, "No, I don't want it."

From there, he has been relentlessly calling me these names associated with twinkies. Then one day, Dorian's sister, Myra and I ended up roommates -- she is a great roommate. I enjoyed her tremendously and she also agreed with me to forbade this boy from entering our townhouse. It was a good payback as there were several times which he came by and begged and I still refused. Granted, he is intelligent and handsome but he wasted it by insulting people around him relentlessly. You know, when he took his shirt off, I thought his nipples were bit ... odd. Guys, agree or not?


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