Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Rosa, Jeanne and the Ewans?

It was reported that Rosa Parks, at the age of 91, has Dementia. She is such a legendary figure in our civil rights movement. If not for her, it'd be hard to demand the rights. Even for gays and people with disabilities. And even for Deaf people.

When she said "No, I am tired, my feet are hurting, I am not giving up this seat," -- little did she knows that she unwittingly ignited the inferno of our modern civil rights movement that shaped the way of Americans behave, think and live. Thanks for everything, Rosa Parks! You go girl!

On other hand, I just read the article on The Daily Progress of Charlottesville, it begets the question -- if Rosa Parks elects to walk 2 miles per day to prevent dementia, she wouldn't be on the bus ... therefore, she wouldn't be the one who started it all. Umm ... *ducking tomatoes*

I was cruising the website of National Hurricane Center. Jeanne is heading back to the United States, hopefully for Florida to wreck the folks who insisted that they can live without depending on the government (they are subscribing to the funds of Federal Emergency Management Agency, though). Har har.

I also learned that Hurricane Karl and Tropical Storm Lisa (come to think of this -- Karl and Lisa are [insert your comments] from the Ewans family in Maryland) are churning in the open sea. Karl is heading north towards Reykjavik, Iceland -- no luck for Florida.

As for Lisa, it is still a baby, perhaps heading to Florida -- come to think of this, Lisa is nuts as they come. Darlene seems to be the sane one of all. Love Darlene -- can't wait to see her in Boston sooner or later!



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