Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk

When I was a kid, I saw the picture of people flocking on a bridge. I was mesmerized with the picture in Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper. I asked my father where the bridge is. My father said that it was near Annapolis, Maryland.

I thought it was cool that one gets the opportunity to walk over the bridge once a year. They have two bridges. Every year in the springtime, they close one of two bridges so that people can walk up to 4 miles long across the bridge.

When I lived in the District, I managed to miss every year because I did not know when nor the logistics. Such as parking the car and getting to the other side of the bridge.

Then one day, the window of an opportunity was revealed to me -- I smiled sheepishly and asked KB and Perlis if they wanted to hop along ... they did. We drove to the United States Naval Academy Stadium to park the car and join the bus that took us to the other side of Maryland. From there, we walked across the bridge. I enjoyed it very much. I get to VEE-VEE people, I get to exercise, I get to cruise, I get to breathe the Bay waters. It was great.

Then I went for three straight years I believe I did it twice with Chlms -- until two years ago, thanks to the ridiculous color charts invented by that fool Tom Ridge of Homeland Security Department which, at that time, was orange -- they cancelled the whole thing. Then the next year around, there was a bad weather -- it was cancelled. I was absolutely disappointed.

I missed it. I like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk. Ain't that sweet?


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