Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Who's Who

I already graduated from college, and yet I am still paged by many friends about who's who in the sororities. Congratulations to some, but honest ... why tell me? Tell me about my friends, that is fine. But the whole list of who's who is ridiculous. Thanks for the information but what is it in for me?

Last night, I got paged by Chris and Shane to meet them at a local bar to finalize the weekend getaway. Upon entering the bar, I was stunned to see Chris. He is very thin and gorgeous. He said, "I told you so! I warned you! I lost 45 lbs so far!"

I muttered, "Can I have you?" He laughed and said, "Yeah, three of us."

They're cool friends. I like them. Can't wait to see how it goes in New England.

Now on a pessimistic note, I hate the "investigations" done by police departments, governments, organizations or anything that was reported as "busted" for some kind of wrongdoing. I feel the investigations are a way to cover things up as much as can be in order to minimize the damages.

One time, I was driving a car coming to a red light. I waited for it to change. That particular intersection in Hopewell is notorious for slow change. The Hopewell Police Department cruiser came by. It pulled right next to me. I stared at the cop. He stared at me. He does not look agitated nor in hurry. No, the flashlights are off. Suddenly, the flashlights are on and he drove across the street ... then turned the flashlights off. And drove away. For fun, I wrote down the numbers of that cruiser and reported to the local police department that I do not appreciate for anyone to abuse its authority like this one.

The Police Chief promised to investigate. And a week later, he sent me a letter to inform me that the police officer was on his way to an emergency situation which I happened to be in the area.

That was a lie.

Why? Because when the red light finally changed to green light, I passed the cruiser by. It was not doing anything else.

So you can see why I am wary of investigations. Me no like 'em. They always bullshit.


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