Monday, October 11, 2004

Absurdity Is Jason Lamberton's Middle Name

The comments by Oscar reflected on his narcissism and his lack of knowledge beyond himself. Oscar's arguments merely focused only on his needs, himself and his surroundings. His perception of welfare programs are appalling. Yes, some people abused the system. But there are millions of people who depended on the welfare programs.

I work in mental health services, I can attest that the monthly checks the clients received are incredibly vital to their survival. Most of the people who has mentally illness has a difficult time in getting jobs, let alone hold the job for months or years! Is it their fault? No, they do not know what is wrong with them. Most of them were raised in a dysfunctional household -- they were never disciplined, taught or explained by their parents. So when they stepped into the real world, they were completely blown away. To make things worse, they find out that they have mental illness. It is such a struggle to maintain their living standards. I will not describe my job position but the whole point is that, there are millions of people who cannot hold a decent job. They are unable to start, and roll their sleeves and compete against millions of persons who holds the BA degrees in search of a decent job -- they are completely at an disadvantage in this capitalistic society. If not for welfare programs, they might have to work double or triple shifts at fast food restaurants, flipping burgers and ... yet, still cannot meet their monthly bills!

It was never a case of spoon-feeding as Jason or Oscar would like it to be -- the truth is that Oscar and Jason were spoon-fed more than the recipients of welfare programs. These programs were placed in to facilitate the solution somehow and somewhere in the middle! Oscar and Jason abused the system, simply put.

When Oscar said, "just my 2 cents. all lofty aspirations aside--i know i'd want to grab that spoon and feed myself." What does it says? Only for himself. What about millions of people who do not have BA degrees, have mental illness and unable to hold jobs? Should we say, "Too fucking bad, roll your sleeves and look for the job!"

To say that the senior Bush was responsible for the passage of Americans with Disabilities Act was an attempt to distort the facts -- it was the Democrats-dominated Congress who overwhelmingly passed the ADA and the insiders warned the senior Bush that if he vetoed the bill, it will make him look bad.

Jason, I know you and your family -- your parents are well-educated, they spoon-fed you from day one, lavishing you with everything, preparing you for what you have on the table -- the result is that you lived a sheltered life. Or should I say 'Spoiled All-American brat'?? You do not live the way many millions persons struggled to live -- your parents helped you to buy a home. Millions of people do not have the luxury of that, including mine. You see, you were pretty much spoon-fed from day one. I work with a large group of disadvantaged people. It is mind-boggling to work with them everyday. You work at a liberal arts university, you study at a good school, you got a home of your own. Did you ever volunteer or work with mental ill people, preferrably ... say ... DeafREACH in DC?? Working at CSD-F does not count, thank you very much.

Keep in mind, it is not about the case of jealousy, it never was. I care less if you bought a house -- but I do care about the struggles of others.

The problem with this country is that lots of people tends to think about future, future and themselves rather than to help each other and deal with the situations right now.

Jason, about the Log Cabin Republicans. They do not hate Bush. IN fact, they endorsed him, defended him and supported him until Bush proposed the amendment to the Constitution to ban the same-sex marriages. That is where the LCR decided not to endorse that ignorant prick. There is no hatred in this, Jason. Don't distort this, thank you very much. You are right that the marriage amendment will never pass, but the whole point is that Bush endorsed it. He fuckin' endorsed the ban on marriage amendment.

Kerry does not support the same-sex marriages, but he supported the civil unions. Bush has none of that, he has been kissing the shit-stained asses of right wing religious nuts.

The reasons why many Deaf students used SSI rather than to work in local businesses is that the businesses would hire hearing people to work as waiters, whereas Deaf persons would be relegate to the kitchen and wash dishes. Meanwhile, these waiters get tips, the workers in the kitchen do not. So it is sensible to rely upon the 'monthly check' to support themselves in college, though.

Again, not all Americans are suitable for higher education. They try their best all the time. You just had an easy time running around with your parents standing behind you all the time -- millions do not. Consider yourself lucky, Jason.

Not all Americans are like you or Oscar -- when the shit hits the fan, you probably cannot tell which one is reality.

Benjamin Franklin once said that freedom itself is not worth it when the rights are being put aside in the name of security. The whole point is that Bush captured the opponents and held them for years without the legal counsel and crafted the Patriot Act to erode our rights -- then our freedom is meaningless. It is inhumane, simply put.

If I was in control of the country, the first thing I will do is to take Bush to a dungeon. Strip him naked, make him lay on the floor, chain his arms and legs to each corner -- ensure that his legs and arms are wide open. Then release the thousands of spiders onto his body for hours. And deny him the right to have a legal counsel. That would be a great experience for Bush. Let's see how he enjoys that!


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