Saturday, October 02, 2004

Part 2 from Hanover!

See? The Mac computers are everywhere -- even in the lobby of Hanover Inn. Awesome.

Went to the D-GALA Cocktail Party. One drunkard woman came to us and asked us what "D-GALA" stands for.

Chris uttered, "Dartmouth - Gay And Lesbians Alumni" -- the woman flinched and said, "Oh, sweet God, I'm so proud of you all."

Chris broke into hysterical laughter. I met some interesting folks. One thing led to the other, we were invited to a fancy banquet -- like the ones you had at Kellogg Conference Center.

No dime was spared.

Now, we are taking Chris to bed -- because he is too fucked up to handle himself. Sigh.

I found out that Dartmouth College only has 4,500 students but I really liked this town. I'm truly impressed.

Off to loiter with ... I forgot his name. Fuck. He's cute and adorable as hell. Hope he'll like me. If not, c'est la vie.


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