Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Lunar Eclipse's Luck?

Congratulations to Boston Red Sox, 2004 World Series Champion! They finally broke the Curse of Babe Ruth after 86 years. Let the riots begin. Last week, when they beat Yankees, Boston Police Department tried to control the riot in Boston and fired something related to the pepper spray and strucked a female in her eye and somehow, it killed her. It may sound morbid but how many will die in the next few days? I'm curious.

Tonight in Midtown on the way to see a friend of mine at a bar before going to kaybee's home, I watched the lunar eclipse -- hundreds of people stopped to watch the eclipse on 9 Avenue. I watched. Then a guy stood next to me on my left side. He tried to speak. I turned my head to look at him, he was confused. He said in a clear speech, "You deaf?"

I nodded. He smiled -- that flash of smile immediately surprised me -- and said, "It's cool, right?" He pointed at the eclipse. I smiled and nodded. He had a blue cap covering his black curly hair. He stood next to me for few minutes. That smile, I knew immediately, belonged to Diedrich Bader. I didn't bother to ask for his autograph -- I don't believe in that. I want him to feel normal. Then he waved me good-bye. It was cool. So cool.


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